Apple Launches Annual Back-to-School Sale

While we are all counting down the final few weeks left of school, the folks over at Apple have just begun the 2010 version of their back-to-school sale.

Like in years past, the sale includes discounts on all the new Macs and MacBooks, ranging from $50 the new, updated MacBook, to up to $200 off the new updated MacBook Pros (the MacBook Air and iMac also get $100 discounts respectively). And of course, all new purchases under these back-to-school deals include either a free 8 GB iPod touch, 4 GB iPod Shuffle or 8 GB or 16 GB iPod Nano (all after a rebate, and if you want more storage, you can instead get a 32 GB iPod touch for only $100, 64 GB iTouch for $200, or a 120 GB iPod Classic for only $50).

The deal sadly though still only applies for college students (including those enrolled for the upcoming year– as long as you got an acceptance letter, you should be all clear) and teachers and staff (though for teachers and staff of schools can take advantage of the deals no matter what grade level they work on be it Kindergarten or 12th grade), leaving all us high school students having to find someone who fits the bill to get us to use the deal.

One Note: If you are looking for a new MacBook or MacBook Pro for school next year, this looks to be the perfect deal for you. But if its the free iPod touch that intrigues you, we just want to warn you that Apple usually updates the iPod line after these deals end (September 7th), and this year’s model is expected to finally get that long rumored camera…. Decisions, decisions, but hey, that’s what school is for.

The Back to School sale runs from now until September 7th, and you can check it out at Apple’s online store.

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