Thoughts on the iPhone 4

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet the past couple of days you’ve probably by now heard the big news– Apple’s new iPhone 4 is officially upon us, and in a huge way.

When they say that it’s the biggest iPhone change since the original, they really aren’t kidding. What Apple has shown off in the new iPhone 4 is absolutely incredible– and I’ll be the first to tell you, last year’s major additions of speed, a slightly better camera, and a compass were really underwhelming (if it wasn’t for the fact my 3G broke and Apple Care offered to replace it with a 3GS– something they’ll do after multiple iPhone breaks– the $200+ and another 2 year contract was not worth the upgrade). But this…. this is amazing.

Here are some of my thoughts on the new iPhone.

The display looks remarkable, and if the demos and firsthand accounts of how it looks are anywhere near accurate (which I’m sure they are), then this will truly be a joy to look at and view EVERYTHING on. I like the current iPhone’s screen, and this one promises to be 4x better. “Wow,” is all I can say.

And the design! I liked it even in the leaked pix a couple months back… but it still looks incredible. Thinner, sleeker glass and even using the steel casing to boost reception (something good for those with AT&T problems)?!?!! Again, just wow. This is truly a major step up over all prior iPhone models and is really showing the greatness of Apple’s design teams.

The new A4 processor (as seen on the iPad) also looks to offer some real speed bumps over the current, not that the 3GS is slow (I mean, even playing 3D games and switching between apps, I’ve never found the 3GS to be slow), but this should definitely help once multitasking and all the other new iOS 4 features drop in a couple of weeks.

And on the topic of games, that new gyroscope motion control, combined with the better screen and processor, should take iPhone gaming to another level– something that is always appreciated.

And then, of course, there are the cameras, or should I really say the front-facing camera (I like the update to 5 megapixel with a flash, but that alone wouldn’t make me want to spring for the new device; but the front…. this is big). It’s not that I think FaceTime will initially be a run away hit– it’s currently WiFi only and works solely between iPhone 4s (not with a Mac, PC or even an EVO 4G), which means you better hope all your friends shell out for iPhones too.

But what I do really like is the fact that Apple is making it “open,” allowing other devices to have the same type of standard so they can share in it too (and you can bet that we will now see a WHOLE LOT of new phones with front-facing cameras soon on Verizon and T-Mobile to keep up with what Sprint and AT&T now have, as what happened when Apple began the multitouch screen craze).

This also allows for programs like ooVoo, AIM and Skype to throw in the feature to their apps, allowing you to literally see your friends no matter what device and service they are using or where they are. This, in my opinion, is a big game changer here in the US (though to be fair, pretty much every other country in the world with a 3G network has had video calling– over 3G– for years now), and should really bring the competition between carriers and between phone makers to a new level (something that’s good for all us users, and should hopefully mean better prices and quick improvements on features).

So when I see the new iPhone 4, even a day later, I’m pretty impressed with everything that Apple’s done. It is no doubt a huge update (though come on, why couldn’t they bump it up to 64 GB and make the screen bigger like those on the Droid and EVO 4G?), and one that looks to make the iPhone even better, easier and more fun to use.

Will I be getting it? Seeing as I my family and I are comfortable with AT&T (I live in the NY area with solid 3G reception and I mostly text and use data anyway), I do plan to get one on June 24th when it comes out, which, of course, means for you readers a full review and comparison to the 3GS.

Those are my thoughts. Yours? If you’re not stuck to AT&T, are you going to go with this over the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, Verizon Droid Incredible, or T-Mobile myTouch Slide? Verizon users, you guys plan to switch or maybe keep the hope strong that the Wall Street Journal is right and you’ll get an iPhone in the fall? And fellow AT&T users, anyone else have plans to go get one of these? Let us know in the comments.

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