E3 Is This Week, and We’ve Got Everything You Need To Know

Wow is June off to a hot start for tech. First the EVO, then the iPhone 4, and now we got E3. For those that don’t know, E3 is the big video game event that takes place for a couple of days (this year it’s June 15-17) once a year in LA where all the newest and hottest things in the world of video games are announced. Last year for example, we saw our first peak at Microsoft’s new Project Natal for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation Move, PSP GO! and PS3 Slim, as well as the Wii MotionPlus. Not to mention info on new video games like the latest in Madden, Halo and Call Of Duty.

So what can possibly be on tap to top last years show? For one, we can expect more on Project Natal (including hopefully a true price and release date as well as what games will be available and a sneak peak at what they are like), the PlayStation Move (hopefully with more details as with Natal), and what exactly is Nintendo’s new 3DS that looks to offer portable 3D gaming WITHOUT those annoying glasses. Yeah, and this is all on top of those usual new game annoncements and details.

As in years past we’ll have everything from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo’s big keynotes, as well as info on all the other cool games and other things we see at the conference. So make sure to check back all this week for the details!

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