Slim Xbox 360 Announced!

Kinect isn’t the only thing Microsoft has planned for E3– today they’ve taken the wraps off an all new, sleeker, quieter version of the Xbox 360. Not only does it pack a newer design, but also 250 GB of built in storage, and built in WiFi wireless N (FINALLY!!). Best part? It’s out now for $299 (same as the old Elite), and will be available in stores later this week. So, who else is loving this new design?

UPDATE: Alright so all the info has come out– not only is there the built in WiFi and the 250 GB hard drive, but also 5 USB ports with a special Kinect port (though don’t worry, Kinect will still work with all existing 360’s, just the use of this port means no need for a separate USB and power cable for Kinect), touch sensitive power and eject buttons, and  HDMI. Check out our Microsoft E3 wrap up post for all the  info on what’s new in the world of Xbox 360.

Pic from Engadget

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  1. james braselton

    hi there wow 5 usb ports i hope that i can use 5 256 gb usb flash drives for 1.25 tb or 1.25 terabytes of flash drives and a 250 gb hdd or hard drive thats 1.5 terabytes some one has put 32 1.8 inch 32 gb ssd in a wii soo 32 2 tb ssd’s f4rom 1 terabyte too 64 terabtes of flash memory at 204,800,000 miis vs 3,200,000 miis

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