Live from the iPhone 4 Launch

Wow. Seriously wow. This is the line my local Apple store at around 9 am. Now don’t think I’m that crazy that I’ve been up since 4 AM camping out, I’ve actually only been here since about 8:30, but here’s a shot of people out since before 6:30 AM:

Yeah this is nuts. We’ll be updating this periodically, and of course we’ll have our thoughts later today once we’ve gotten some time with it.

UPDATE 10:02 AM: and we’ve made contact. Here it is, the iPhone 4!

UPDATE 11:51 AM: Alright we’re making progress but still got some wait left. There are people here since 3 AM not close so take that as a lesson– RESERVE IN ADVANCE (and pray that Apple and AT&T don’t die before you do). The line for none reserved was so bad that they even cut it off THREE hours ago and still have one stretching the large portion of this mall. Look at this:

UPDATE 2:08 PM: And done! We finally got the new iPhone 4 and for the first 30 seconds I’ve used it, it looks great. I’ll have more pix and thoughts later tonight but wow, it feels so great to LEAVE the Apple Store.

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