T-Mobile and Motorola Introduce New Motorola Charm– Android in a BlackBerry Style Design

On T-Mobile and want Android, but want something that design wise is more like a BlackBerry than a myTouch 3G? If so Motorola and T-Mobile may have the phone for you in the all new Motorola Charm.

The Motorola Charm is a pretty solid new Android 2.1 phone, and as mentioned above, does it all in a sleek BlackBerry style design– something we have yet to really see in an Android phone. Other features on the Charm include:

  • 2.8 inch multitouch screen with that full QWERTY keyboard— Sure it ain’t the biggest of screens, and we haven’t really seen an Android phone with this small of a screen, but in terms of design, it doesn’t look half bad.
  • Motorola “Backtrack” optical trackpad on the back of the phone— For when you wanna navigate the phone without touching the screen. This is similar to what is seen on the AT&T Motorola Backflip.
  • MOTOBLUR— For keeping easy access to all your social networks and friends. Unfortunately, it looks from these pix that it is running an Android 2.1 version of the older MOTOBLUR (seen on phones like the Backflip and Cliq), and not the much cooler one seen on the Droid X.
  • 3 megapixel camera with video recording— Which should produce decent shots, just don’t expect the shots you’d get on the 5 megapixel Cliq XT or 8 megapixel Droid X.
  • 3G, GPS and WiFi— With features like Google Maps Navigation and support for WiFi wireless N.

Sadly we don’t yet know of price or release beyond a somewhat vague “this Summer”– but assuming the price is good and the release is sooner rather than later, this could be be a very solid entry level Android phone for T-Mobile users. We’re gonna be keeping our eyes on this, and we’ll of course keep you up to date on all the info as we get it.

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