Looking for a New Phone? Go Try on Some Jeans

Yes you read that right– jeans. American Eagle, in a really awesome yet very out of the box attempt to draw more people to its stores is running a promotion from July 21st until August 3rd, where all you got to do is try on a pair of jeans and you get a card to redeem a free phone online. Yes– just walk in, try on some jeans (you don’t even need to buy them!), and walk out of the dressing room and you’ll get the redeem card. That’s it.

And we’re actually talking about some really good phones here— phones like the HTC Aria, BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Palm Pixi Plus for AT&T; the Palm Pre Plus, Motorola Droid and BlackBerry Bold 9650 for Verizon; or the Android packing Motorola Cliq XT for T-Mobile and BlackBerry Curve 8530 for Sprint– along with a bunch of other phones like the LG enV 3 and Samsung Alias 2, all for that awesome price of free (there are even deals for other phones like $10 off the HTC EVO 4G, $80 off a myTouch 3G Slide, and even the new T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant for $150, which isn’t even available yet from T-Mobile’s site).

Now there are some catches in a deal like this– you need to sign up for a new 2 year contract, and if you’re getting an Android, Palm, Windows Mobile phone or BlackBerry you will also have to sign up for your carrier’s respective data plan– but hey, free phones! Oh, and to make the deal EVEN BETTER: if your order your phone and pick your plan by September 30th American Eagle will give you an additional $25 gift card (and thus another reason to head back to their store).

So, who else all of sudden needs to go check out some new jeans?

For all the info check out American Eagle’s site here.

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