Apple Finally Addresses the iPhone 4 Antenna Issue– Free Cases to all iPhone 4 Owners Between Now and September 30th

Today the silence (well, Apple’s silence) around the infamous “antennagate” iPhone 4 antenna problems has finally been broken, with Apple hosting a special press conference in their Cupertino, CA campus to address this nagging issue. And boy did they have a lot to say. We’ve got everything you’re gonna need and want to know after the break, so read on.

Is there an antenna PROBLEM?

This has been the big question ever since the iPhone 4 first came out 22 days ago, and was the main reason Apple called this press conference today. The answer according to Apple? “No, the antenna is fine and if you “death grip” any other phone you’ll also see that the bars drop rapidly.” And they even showed it, showing how the same bar drops occurs when you grip other smartphones like a BlackBerry Bold 9700, iPhone 3GS, HTC Droid Eris, and Samsung Omnia II. Apple has even gone and posted video proof of these drops on their site so you can see for yourself.

Apple also went on to make note of how the new iOS 4.0.1 update they released yesterday for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 addresses their own miscalculations of how many bars your phone has— in other words, when your now in an area that has 3 bars your iPhone will show 3 bars and not 5 bars (while also making the 1 and 2 bars larger). After using it myself for the last day, I must say I’m a little skeptical of its readings— even in the bumper I am now usually seeing 3-4 bars in areas where other phones like BlackBerry Bolds, Samsung Impressions, and Motorola Razr2 V9s are showing 5 bars. Though then again, maybe Apple’s right and they are all wrong. All I know is that even in this 3-4 bar range data still seems fast and calls and texts still go through.

Speaking of bumpers…

All iPhone 4 Owners Can Redeem a Free Bumper or Case for their iPhone 4

Beginning next week, Apple will offer all iPhone 4 owners the ability to redeem their choice of a free bumper or case for their iPhone 4. Apple acknowledged that most people are walking out of their stores “case-less” and they know that the cases and bumper do help the phone’s signal (and avoid those horrific drops when touching the left side of the phone). And if you already bought a Bumper, Apple is offering the ability for a $30 refund (or you can of course get another case/bumper color). Again, as someone whose used the Bumper on an iPhone 4 since the  beginning, I can attest that while it’s obviously not as great as not having to use one, it definitely helps the phone keep a signal.

Oh, and for all those who are waiting for the white iPhone 4, Apple said they will have them in “limited supply” beginning in “late July” (which seeing as today is the 16th, can’t be that far away).

So that’s what Apple had to say on the iPhone 4 antenna issue– no recalls, no problems, free cases.

What do you think– did Apple address the issues at hand? If you have an iPhone 4, how’s it going for you? Did the software update help? And if you don’t, will you get one now? Let us know in the comments.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our iPhone 4 review for the full run down on all the good and bad about the iPhone 4.

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