Apple Begins Offering iPhone 4 Bumpers and Refunds

Got an iPhone 4? Listen up, as Apple has this weekend finally taken the wraps off the promised bumper “giveaway” for the iPhone 4 to that it announced the other week. Apple  has broken down the process in 2 ways, one for iPhone 4 owners with bumpers and one for iPhone 4 owners without bumpers– and thankfully both are fairly simple and straightforward.

Let’s start with the what happens to current iPhone 4 bumper owners. As someone who did buy a bumper prior to this whole fiasco, I’m glad Apple is making this as simple as it is. Basically, if you bought a bumper  from an Apple Store,  check your email, as you’ve probably got an email saying how Apple’s giving you back your $30. No wait and your phone is “fixed” today. If though you bought a bumper from AT&T, you’re going to need to fill out a “rebate coupon” and mail it in by September 30th to get your money back (coupon can be found here). Why it isn’t as simple as the process from an Apple Store I don’t know.

Now for those who don’t already have a bumper, Apple is also making it fairly simple for you to redeem your free bumper/case and choice of case. First off, redeeming the case. All you got to do is download an app on your iPhone 4 called “iPhone 4 Case Program” (a clever name we know. And yes, there’s an app for even this too), and once downloaded you just fire up the app, sign in to the iTunes account you used to buy your iPhone, and chose either an Apple bumper (available only in black sadly), or one of the other 7 cases available from all different manufacturers like Griffin, Speck, Belkin and Incase. After that, just wait the time  for it to ship and you should be all set (the bumper is among the quicker choices available with a ship time between 3-5 weeks, while some cases like the Speck Pixel Skin won’t be available for 2-3 months).

So there you have it fellow iPhone 4 owners, how to get free case or get your money for your case back. Let us know how it all goes for you in the comments.

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  1. iPhone 4 wettbwerb

    I think it is just fair that there is a free iphone 4 case with all those connection problems. That is the least they could do.

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