T-Mobile Puts Up Teaser Page for New High Speed Phone

T-Mobile users this one is for you. Today, T-Mobile put up a teaser page for people to sign up to be notified about the launch of their next big phone due later this year, a phone that is capable of connecting to T-Mobile’s really fast 3G network (called HSPA+, and is capable of delivering 4G speeds similar to that of  today’s 4G networks such as Sprint’s). And T-Mobile’s official Twitter (@TMobile_USA) has thrown out a tweet last week saying that this phone is coming later this summer– so what’s going on?

This of course is huge just on the network side, as with more powerful networks come much more powerful phones– and T-Mobile has already begun upgrading their current 3G network to HSPA+, with areas all across the US– from LA to New York– already getting some of the fun, with the plan being to cover over 185 million people with this HSPA+ goodness by the end of the year. But what exactly is this phone that T-Mobile is hyping? While T-Mobile obviously hasn’t said anything yet, here are a couple of guesses on what it possibly could be.

1. T-Mobile Blaze (aka HTC Vision)

After almost two years, T-Mobile finally killed off the T-Mobile G1 today. This was one of the biggest cell phone launches in recent years (and particularly big for T-Mobile), as it was the first phone to run Google’s Android OS. Now it would make sense to give a great phone like that an encore and this phone would definitely do that. With Android, a 1 GHZ processor, 3.7 inch screen, sleek design, and full slide out QWERTY keyboard it looks to be the perfect replacement for the G1. And if you look at the pic at the top, it does have some resemblance to T-Mobile’s mysterious phone. (Pic via Engadget)

2. iPhone 4

I’ve always thought that T-Mobile would get the iPhone before Verizon, as AT&T and T-Mobile share the same GSM tech for their networks (HSPA+ is a 3G network based on that GSM tech), and the rumors for T-Mobile to get the iPhone soon are getting much, much stronger over the past couple of weeks (some people even saying that we may see a T-Mobile iPhone before the holidays). That being said, we’re still talking about an iPhone rumor and while I doubt it’d be too hard for Apple to squeeze in the proper 3G band for T-Mobile’s network (the iPhone 4 already supports pretty much every other flavor of 3G network out there, be it in the US and Canada, Europe, China, Japan etc.), it still is just a rumor so take it as you will.

Plus, the pic on T-Mobile’s site shows a little bump in the lower left, add that to the fact that Apple currently lists the iPhone as a HSUPA device (meaning fast 3G but not as fast as HSPA+) seems to point to a not iPhone 4 device. Though who knows– it really can’t get much bigger for T-Mobile than to kick off it’s faster network with an iPhone…

Those are my guesses, and we’ll of course make sure to keep you completely up to date as we learn more about this mysterious phone. In the meantime, what do you think T-Mobile will use as the first phone on their HSPA+ network? You think it will be the Blaze and if so and what we know so far is accurate, you like what you see? What type of phone would you like to see T-Mobile launch as their first HSPA+ device? Let us know in the comments.

Info from Tmonews via Boy Genius Report

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