Apple Launches the Magic Trackpad– Bringing MacBook Gestures to iMacs and Mac Minis Everywhere

This was rumored for a while (since the time of the iPad announcement in the beginning of the year), and as part of a sweep of updates Apple did today– including speed updates to the iMac and Mac Pro, an updated Apple Cinema Display, and a new AA battery charger (yes, Apple appears now to be looking to get into the AA battery business….)– they released this promising little gem.

Basically, it’s that same glass trackpad found on the recent MacBooks and MacBook Pros, just now as a Bluetooth add-on for $69 for those who have desktops (or MacBooks with Snow Leopard and made before the multi-touch update). It really is everything you’d expect from an Apple trackpad– multi-touch gestures (like pinch-to-zoom, three finger swipe etc. things the recently updated Magic Mouse can’t do), the buttons for clicking being in the mouse itself, and a sleek aluminum design that matches nicely with the Apple wireless keyboard, as seen in the pic above. And yes, it can work with PCs as well, though for now we’re not sure how well it works and if all the gestures and features carry over smoothly (Apple has released an update for Macs running Windows which should make everything work fine there and possibly on all other Intel-running Windows PC’s as well).

If though you got an iMac or Mac Mini with Snow Leopard (and yes, you need Snow Leopard) and have always wanted MacBook like trackpad controls, this may be the mouse for you.

The Magic Trackpad is available now for $69 from Apple’s online store.

Pic and info from Apple

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