New iPods on the Way in the Coming Weeks?

ipod touch 3rd gen

iPod Touch 3rd generation– destined for a major update in the near future?

Need a new iPod for the upcoming year? Then unless you’re getting one with Apple’s “buy a MacBook get a free iPod” back-to-school deal you should probably wait a couple more weeks. Why? Well, history of course.

You see, every year since who knows when Apple has been updating their iPod line in early September, right around the time the back-to-school free iPod deal ends (which makes sense for Apple as they not only entice more people to buy a new MacBook, but at the same time also clear out stock for the new iPods). And this year’s annual iPod refresh looks to be no exception.

Last year around this time the rumors were flying about Apple adding cameras to the iPod Nano and iPod Touch– and as we all now know, the Nano got a camera but the Touch sadly did not (supposedly the drop of a camera was a last-minute scratch from the Touch, which would explain all the iPod Touch cases with holes in the back for cameras). So what is the latest talk about the next generation of Apple’s iconic iPod line? Read on!

New iPod Touch

ipod touch rumor pic 1

A supposed “mock-up” of case for the new Touch design, with nice clear room for a camera and flash around back. Pic from

We really think that this year will finally be the year that Apple gives the iPod Touch its long-awaited camera update. Why? A couple of reasons:

  • The iPod Nano has one— The iPod Touch is currently the iPod for anyone not looking to buy an iPhone, offering nearly all of the iPhone’s features minus the GPS, camera, and phone. As the top of the line iPod, it doesn’t make sense that the lower Nano has an awesome feature like this when the Touch doesn’t– and it would make even less sense for Apple to keep it this way for two straight years.

ipod touch 4 rumor screen pic 1

The rumored front of the next Touch (notice the small hole on the right– it’s for a front camera). Pic from

  • FaceTime— Apple has made it very clear that they plan to have FaceTime out on other devices beyond the iPhone 4 before the year is out– and if these supposed leaked pix are near accurate, then we can expect the Touch to be getting in on the video calling game real soon too. Oh, and for those saying that you need to dial a phone number to begin a FaceTime call, well in the latest beta for the upcoming iOS 4.1 (this being the 3rd beta– or test version– Apple’s released to developers) there is a way to initiate a FaceTime call through an email address. Problem solved.

facetime email rumor 1

Pic from

Now throw in iPhone/iPad functions like GPS, compass, and microphone (all of which are popping up into more and more apps in some capacity), some new iPhone 4 features like the awesome Retina Display and gyroscope (for better gaming– these are both things we for sure expect the next Touch to have, unlike the compass and GPS which we right now view as more of wishful thinking than actual strong probability), and a camera on the back (supposedly with flash and a 3 megapixel resolution– which is lower than the iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel shooter) and we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple began to further close the gap between the iPhone and Touch to mainly being the need to sign a 2 year contract (basically turning the iPod Touch into a WiFi-only iPad, and the iPhone into a sort of iPad WiFi+3G. Regardless, if this happens then it would be a real win for anyone still waiting for the iPhone to come to another US carrier or who just doesn’t want to pay for a data plan).

New iPod Shuffle

ipod shuffle rumor pic

Is this the new Shuffle? Pic from

The last time the iPod Shuffle got updated it lost pretty much all buttons, instead relying on using the mic on the headphones for voice commands to control your music. Now the Shuffle is supposedly trading in that sleek, really small design for a small 1.7 inch touchscreen (like the pic above which is an Apple screen that supposedly measures 3 cm x 3 cm — or about 1.7-1.8 inches). Things like what OS this little guy will run (can a really small screen like that even run iOS?), what features it will have (video? apps?), even how much storage is gonna be inside (our guess is that whatever design, considering the current Shuffle goes up to 4 GB this won’t be more than 8 GB at the most) is still completely up in the air, and your guess is as good as ours.

Other rumors of note include this possible iPod update taking place next week (which we while wouldn’t bet on considering Apple’s been holding this event for years in September, though we wouldn’t put anything by Apple and we sure wouldn’t mind them bumping up the date!), a 7 inch iPad being announced (possible, but considering the iPad is still only a few months old, we don’t see how Apple makes another new one that’s only 2 inches smaller this soon– though at 7 inches, it would be pretty much going head-to-head with 6 inch eBooks like the Kindle and Nook), a new Apple TV centered around iOS (something we think is more likely than a smaller iPad), and even an announcement of another carrier for the iPhone (again, doubtful, but who knows). And remember– these are all rumors so take it all as you will.

We’ll of course make sure you’re completely in the loop for if/when Apple announces something new, but in the meantime– what do you think Apple has up its sleeves for the end of the year? You interested in any of this? Sound off in the comments!

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