Today in Video Game Pricing: Nintendo DSi and DSi XL Going Down, Xbox Live Prices Going Up

Nintendo DSi XL

Today brought some pretty surprising out of the blue video games news that could be both good or bad depending on what gaming system you’re into. Let’s start with the good news– if you’ve been interested in picking up a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL, well, starting September 12th, you can get one for $20 cheaper. Yup, starting September 12th Nintendo’s hit portable game systems will now be $149.99 (for the DSi) and $169.99 (for the DSi XL). And while this still is no 3DS, if you’ve been wanting something very portable and entertaining to kill time with on the bus to school, this should be really great news.

xbox live price change

The new Xbox Live Gold pricing for the US, UK, Canada and Mexico

Now to the bad. Beginning November 1st, Microsoft will be raising the prices on their Xbox Live Gold subscriptions (the one you need to watch Netflix, check your Facebook, or play games online) from up to $9.99 for a 1 month subscription (previously $7.99), $24.99 for a 3 month subscription (up from $19.99), and $59.99 for a 1 year subscription (up from $49.99). What this means is that if your subscription is running out anytime soon, we’d recommend going to your local Best Buy, Target, Walmart or heading over to Amazon, or the Microsoft Store and picking up a new subscription card today (we recommend heading to the Microsoft site here and re-upping your current subscription for one more for only $39.99– $10 off the current price and $20 cheaper than the new price). If you’re unsure when your Xbox Live Gold subscription expires, just head over here to find out.

While we’re talking about video games– what video game system and games are you going to be playing/ looking forward to playing this year, or are you a “good student” and gonna save the gaming for vacations and the weekends? Sound off in the comments.

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