More Details on T-Mobile’s Upcoming HSPA+ G2 Emerge, and its Looking Really Good

tmobile g2 official pix

Excited about what T-Mobile’s next big phone is, you know, the G2 that is being so heavily teased? If you are then listen up, as a lot on this seemingly awesome upcoming phone has come out today, and as we said in the title, things are looking really good.

First off, design. As you can see in the top pic, this is a very worthy successor to the G1. Not only does it pack a slide out full QWERTY keyboard in a clearly much thinner design, it will also have according to the site Cell Phone Signal (who picked up a whole bunch of specs on the phone)  a 3.7 inch Active Matrix OLED screen— in other words, a really sharp screen. Other specs Cell Phone Signal have gotten their hands on include a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus (which would be similar to the iPhone 4 and Samsung’s Galaxy S phones), a 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor (the same as all the other top smartphones are running, like the HTC EVO 4G, HTC Droid Incredible, and Motorola’s Droid 2 and Droid X– this should keep everything running smoothly), WiFi, GPS and the ability to turn the phone into a mobile hotspot (again, like those other top Android phones. And who wouldn’t want to share these crazy fast 3G speeds with their other WiFi  devices?). All this atop what appears to be latest and great version of Android, Android 2.2 (also known as “Froyo”).

T-Mobile still has yet to confirm any of this, so for now we gotta consider all of this to be just rumors (though the photos have been spied on T-Mobile’s servers, so they seem to be legit), but let’s all hope they make this all official and get it out in the world real soon. We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop as soon as we learn more.

Additional info and pic from Engadget

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