New iPods, iOS 4.1 Out Now

ipod nano 2010 pic 1

Waiting for those new iPods or the new iOS 4.1 for the iPhone/iPod Touch? Then today is your day as Apple has finally made both available, with the new iPods now available in Apple, Best Buy and other stores, as well as shipping between 1-3 days (the new Shuffle), and 3-5 days (the new Nano and Touch) from Apple’s online store. And if you already got your iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4 or an iPod Touch 2nd (2 years ago, with the built-in speaker), 3rd (last years model) or 4th generation (the latest one announced last week), you can download iOS 4.1 now.

Just as a recap, iOS 4.1 offers a bunch of new features to iOS 4, including Game Center (Apple’s mobile gaming network, kinda like Xbox Live), HDR photos, and iTunes movie rentals for $0.99 as well as mobile access to Apple’s iTunes Ping music social network (both of these are in the iTunes store app). We’ve got iOS 4.1 running on our iPhone 4 here, and while a lot of iOS 4.1 is minor updates (it is after just .1 update not iOS 5), we really are liking some of the new additions like HDR photos. If you use your phone (or now iPod Touch!) to take a lot of on-the-go photos, you’re going to really appreciate this, and as you can see below, it really makes a difference.

ios 4.1 hdr test 1 ios 4.1 hdr test 3

iOS 4.1 HDR– pic on left with HDR, on right without

So did you get a new iPod today or download iOS 4.1? If so, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!
    Short list of pros and cons about the iPod touch
    -Slick,small and light device
    -Great touch screen
    -The BEST web browser on a portable device
    -Amazing video/music playback
    -App Store (Too many cool applications for Free)
    -Display screen is clear and bright
    -No bugs and annoying stuff a very reliable hardware
    -64GB Flash based mp3 player

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