Get a Move On: All the Info You Need to Know About Sony’s All New PlayStation Move

ps move pic 1

In four days, Sony’s answer to the wildly popular Wii and Wiimote and Microsoft’s upcoming Kinect for Xbox 360 will be released. You may have already seen some ads for it online or on TV, but are wondering what in the world it is? Is it any good, and more importantly, is it any good for both the casual AND Metal Gear Solid playing hardcore gamer?

We got all that info and more on Sony’s new motion controller, so what are you waiting for? Read on!

Now you may be scratching your head at the strange sticks with the blue lightbulb that guy is holding in the above picture. That right there is the Wand (right with big blue ball on top) and the sub-controller (left). The sub-controller’s main job is with movement as it has the single analog stick. It also has two buttons and a trigger on the back. The Wand is your general main controller and has a trigger and four buttons on the front. In Sports Champions (like Wii Sports just in HD), if you were playing archery, you would take arrows with the Wand and hold the sub-controller in front, like you would hold a bow. Then, you pull the Wand back, aim, and fire.

Now to the real question. Why on earth did Sony put a blue ball there? Well, that ball actually has a beam that connects with the PlayStation Eye (which you will need in order to use Move and will together offer an even more precise accuracy of your movements). Not only that, but you can change what color the ball is (you know, just in case you were in a more of red or orange mode).

So, what games can you play with Move? At launch there will be three games available out of the gate: Sports Champions (which is kind of like Wii Sports), Kung Fu Rider (which allows you to ride downhill in different office chairs for some wacky fun if that’s what your into), and MAG. Later on in the year you will be able to play some of the PS3’s top shooters like Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 and Sony’s thriller Heavy Rain (which will get an update to support Move).

Being the hardcore gamer that I am, I plan to wait on the Move for now. Not only will it only release with 3 games, but it might take the game developers some time to get the feel of the controllers just right so you can always get that perfect headshot.

The Sony Move will be available this Friday, September 17th, for $99.99 in a bundle which comes with the two controllers ( 1 Wand, 1 sub), a PlayStation Eye, and Sports Champions. Or you can get the controllers individually ($49.99 for the Wand and $29.99 for the sub)

Oh, and for you PS3 fans looking to get over some Kinect jealousy– for some hilarious anti-Kinect fun, head on over to Sony’s This site tells you why its better to have a controller than be a controller and its filled with awesome Kevin Butler comedy. For more info on Move head on over to Sony’s site here.

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