This is T-Mobile’s New myTouch (UPDATE: T-Mobile Officially Confirms)

tmobile mytouch 2010 pic 3

Wow, let’s hope this is true. What you see above is a view of T-Mobile’s brand new myTouch, and wow does this look insane (heck, it even makes the G2 look a little old, and that phone looks sick!)! Just look at these specs:

  • 1 GHZ processor— Yes, a full 1 GHZ, not the 800 Mhz of the G2 (this should mean an even faster phone, whether it is opening apps, multitasking etc.).

tmobile mytouch 2010 pic 2

  • 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash— For taking HD pix and videos
  • 3G, WiFi and GPS— Including access to T-Mobile’s all new HSPA+ network like the G2, and the ability to make calls over WiFi (something that’s been absent on T-Mobile phones of late, and should be good if you find yourself running over your minutes limit).
  • Genius Button like the G2 — For controlling your phone with your voice (like sending an email or text just by speaking into your phone)
  • Video Calling!!!!— Yes, this myTouch packs a front camera for video calling (like iPhone 4, Epic 4G, and EVO 4G). How this will work (does it need a special service like Qik, Fring or something like the iPhone’s Facetime to work is still not clear Update: You’ll be able to video chat out of the box using either Qik or Yahoo! Messenger)– but this is still awesome nonetheless.

Also new on this Android running beast are features like myModes (customized homescreens and settings for work and home) and Faves Gallery (one touch shortcuts to your most contacted family and friends), and the new myTouch will also come with an 8 GB memory card in the box along with traditional Android features like the Android Market.

We’re still gaining info as we write this, so we’ll update once we know more. In the meantime, check T-Mobile’s official myTouch page here.

UPDATE: Well, it’s now officially official. The new myTouch packs all that is mentioned above as well as a 3.8 inch screen, Android 2.2 (with Swype built-in as a keyboard choice), and Screen Share– the ability to share your HD videos on a big screen wirelessly with a TV with DLNA (a technology on many recent TVs that allow easy set-up and connections with many devices). We still don’t know an exact price or release date, but T-Mobile says it will be available “in time for the holidays” in either red, white, black or plum. You can also check out T-Mobile’s Coming Soon page here and register to be notified when more is available.

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