Don’t Buy that New Mac Yet– Apple Holding “Back to the Mac” Event This Wednesday

apple back to the mac invite

As we’ve all seen, Apple’s focus of late really has been on mobile– mainly it’s iOS devices like the iPhone 4, iPad, and new iPod Touch. Sure there have been some updates to the Mac line during this time, with updated Mac Minis and spec updates to the iMac and MacBook lines, but there really hasn’t been any major shakeups to the Mac that warranted a special Apple event. Well, this looks like it’s all about to change as Apple has scheduled a “Back to the Mac” event for this Wednesday, October 20th.

All the rumors seem to point to an updated MacBook Air (with the rumors suggesting that this update will not only include the expected spec bump but also a design update to the unibody aluminum as seen on the recent MacBook Pros– which is about time since the Air hasn’t really been updated design-wise since its launch in 2008. Oh, and there are rumors that a price drop is in the cards, which also would be very nice– the current Air starts at $1,499 and is not exactly cheap by any stretch of the imagination) and a preview of the next version of OS X, probably named something to do with a Lion (see the Lion in the back of the Apple logo in invite above?). What exactly is in OS X “Lion” is anyone’s guess, but seeing all the success of iOS I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple finally begins outlining a way to merge their two OSes’ into one (and there have been rumors for a while now of Apple doing real touchscreen Macs). Personally though, I’m just hoping for a “one more thing” that allows the iPhone/iTouch to FaceTime with computers (who knows, it’s Apple after all and stranger things have happened!).

Whatever it is that Apple does announce, you can bet to find all the info you need and want to know back here so make sure you check back on Wednesday! And while we wait… anyone else have any other guesses/hopes/wishes for what Apple’s got planned?

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