Apple: White iPhone 4 Not Coming Until Spring 2011

white iphone 4

Just a little update for those of you waiting for Apple to finally release that white iPhone 4. As you probably remember, the white iPhone 4 was first promised back in June when the iPhone 4 was announced, then got pushed back from the June 24th launch to “later this year” and it now looks like that “later this year” has turned into “Spring 2011.” Yes, as the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D is reporting, Apple has announced that they won’t be able to ship the white iPhone 4 until next Spring, which is almost a year after it was first promised.

If your still waiting for that white iPhone 4 at this point I’d recommend either just going for a black one or waiting for the iPhone 5, which if previous iPhone updates are to be believed, will probably come next summer (Apple has updated the iPhone every summer since it first came out in 2007. Heck, at this point I’d even wait for a Verizon iPhone, seeing as all the rumors on that are getting so strong that it really looks like it will finally come next January).

Why the white iPhone 4 keeps getting delayed Apple isn’t saying (if previous reports are to be believed, it has something to do with the white not being the same shade on all parts of the phone), but at this rate what do you think we’ll see first– a white iPhone 4 or a Verizon iPhone (or what about this– a white Verizon iPhone!?!)?

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