In Case You Needed Another Reason Not to Text and Drive

Watch this. I know it’s long and at times really hard to watch emotionally (this is a documentary– with real people and real stories), but what AT&T has done here is something that all of us new teen drivers need to listen to. As I’m sure you’ve also heard from your parents ever since you got your permit/license, there’s really no excuse for texting and driving (let alone talking on the phone and driving). As the video says, no matter how important you think that text is– it really isn’t worth the damage it could cause.

Trust me, just watch the video. And please, for everyone’s sake– from now on when you get behind the wheel, put the phone away and focus on the road. It really never is worth it.

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  1. This is an excellent video. I am presently having it placed on my website in hopes it will make a strong point with new drivers.

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