Verizon Holding Big Event in NYC On Tuesday– Is this for the Verizon iPhone?

verizon iphone rumor

You’d think Verizon would have gotten all of its major phone announcements done yesterday with their big 4G phone unveiling at CES. Nope, word is that they’ve just sent out invites for an event next Tuesday that would just so happen to be almost 4 years to the date that Apple introduced the first iPhone (January 9th back in 2007, January 11th here. Both also Tuesdays). Is this coincidence or a hint of some kind?

Apple noticeably has always had their own January events after CES in years past to introduce major new products (like the iPad last year), but holding a special event for what’s said to be just a Verizon version of the current iPhone 4 doesn’t seem to make much sense for them. Verizon on the other hand, yeah, we can see why they’d want a big event for this.

Throw in videos leaking this week supposedly containing new iPhone 4 parts possibly for a Verizon iPhone (with noticeable changes to where the antennas are on the outside of the phone so as not to have the same antenna problems the AT&T iPhone was plagued with), Apple banning vacations for employees in the first week of February (something they’ve done previously right before they were about to announce a new iPhone, iPad or other huge product), and things look to be pointing more and more to a Verizon iPhone being announced any minute now.

You can make sure that whatever happens we’ll have it all covered back here, so make sure to check back. In the meantime, who’s excited for what might happen on Tuesday?

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  1. Alden G. Waller

    ………Its been a little while since we heard a Verizon iPhone rumor so its good to see that the mill is still turning out quality pieces. This time around were hearing more about the fact that the iPhone for Verizon which is still not confirmed even in the slightest is set to launch with LTE-capable technology on board.

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