Planning on Upgrading to a Sprint BlackBerry Anytime Soon? If So You Better Hurry

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On Sprint with an upgrade now or before January 30th and want a BlackBerry or other 3G smartphone as your next phone? Well, then consider yourselves one of the lucky ones as if your upgrade is on or after January 30th (not February 1 or even January 31st, but January 30th), if you get any new 3G smartphone— i.e. a BlackBerry– you’re gonna need to pay an extra $10 “premium data” fee every month on top of the normal data plan for that phone. Yes, this is the same premium data add-on requirement we’ve seen on Sprint’s 4G phones like the EVO, Epic and EVO Shift, just now you’re not paying for any extra speed.

Why is Sprint doing this you ask? Well, they say it’s because of keeping up a strong, always working network with unlimited data still being offered:

The charge will assist Sprint in offering simple and affordable unlimited plans for its customers while maintaining a wireless network able to meet the growing appetite for a richer mobile experience.

And seeing as more and more people are using internet on their phones (just think of how many people you know have recently gotten a BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or other smartphone recently– on any network, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile–  and are always on it viewing data-heavy sites like YouTube or live TV or listening to internet radio like Pandora), if this means that Sprint won’t have to deal with any of the issues AT&T had to deal with when the iPhone first came on (like not being able to even use the network to check an email, send a text or make a call because so many people were on it) then I guess it kinda makes sense (and you still have unlimited data which is also a big plus).

And if you already have a BlackBerry or other Sprint 3G smartphone (or if you upgrade to any non-smartphone, even those with full keyboards) you won’t need to pay the extra $10 a month for data, this is only for new smartphones bought on or after the 3oth.

Anyways, if you’re on Sprint and looking to upgrade to a BlackBerry or other non-4G smartphone, now is probably be the best time.

You can check if you have an upgrade using your login (or that of who ever is in charge of your family plan) at Sprint’s My Sprint site here, or by calling into Sprint directly by doing the following: Call *2 on your phone. Press 1. Enter your phone number. Then Press 1 again to check upgrade eligibility.

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