PlayStation Phone is Official– Sony Announces Xperia Play

sony xperia play

PlayStation Phone fans it’s finally almost here. Moments ago during Super Bowl XLV, Sony Ericsson (Sony’s phone division) let loose an all new ad touting none other than the PlayStation Phone itself, now called the Xperia Play. Not much was shown off in the ad specs wise– but the biggest needed thing we needed to see was, and that is official shots of this bad boy running PlayStation games in some awesome press shots of the phone itself (one of which you can see above, and it does look AWESOME!). Full info on this beast should be coming in about a week when Sony has their big Mobile World Congress keynote (also known as MWC– a big cell phone conference in Barcelona where a whole bunch of awesome new cell phones are announced for the coming year)– and you can bet we’ll have it all covered for you here once more info come out.

See the ad and another shot of the homescreen (which starts off really freakishly) again after the break.

sony xperia play homescreen

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  1. Video games is still the king of children’s pastime.

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