Watch March Maddness Live From Your iPhone, iTouch or iPad This Year– For Free (UPDATE– It’s Out)

march madness on demand ipad

The new March Madness On Demand for iPad

If you’re a crazy basketball fan like me, March Madness is one of the most exciting times of the year. Incredible basketball games pretty much 24 hours straight back to back to back, crazy Cinderella runs, and of course, brackets. For the past few years CBS, who broadcasts the games on TV, has allowed free streaming of all the games online while at the same time offering apps with the same feature on iOS for $10 if you wanted to watch the Madness on the go.

Now of course paying $10 for something that’s free on your computer (and which only lasts a few weeks) is pretty annoying to say the least, but thankfully for any college basketball fan (or someone who’s even moderately interested in seeing if they’ll win their pool) CBS has made this a ton easier this year; well at least for iOS users. Yup, this year you can catch all of March Madness right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch– for free (and yes, there will be an optimized iPad app in addition to the iPhone/iPod touch app as you can see in the pic above). Sorry Android and any non-iOS users, no word about if you guys will get this just yet (though now that Android has Flash, we don’t see why the normal CBS Sports site wouldn’t work and let you stream games to your phone or tablet that way).

The free app isn’t on the App Store yet, but with Selection Sunday only 10 days away we should see it any day now and we’ll make sure to let you know once its out.

Enjoy fellow basketball fans, and try not to look completely distracted while you watch the games under your desk.

UPDATE: And it’s out. You can now download the app for free for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad from iTunes. Enjoy and good luck with your brackets!

[More info at Media Memo]

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