AT&T Announces Two New Incredible Smartphones: HTC HD7S and 3D-Packing LG Thrill 4G

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Sure we’ve still got a day before CTIA officially begins, but as we saw yesterday AT&T isn’t waiting for nobody to make major news. Following yesterdays blockbuster announcement of their buying of T-Mobile, AT&T has announced today that they are bringing two new smartphones to their already impressive smartphone lineup: the Windows Phone 7 running HTC HD7S and what is nothing short of an absolute beast, the LG Thrill 4G WITH a glasses-free 3D screen.

Looking for a new AT&T phone anytime soon? If so, then you’re for sure gonna wanna learn more about these two.


att hd7s

This is the first of AT&T’s new phones, and is finally a new addition to their Windows Phone 7 lineup (which hasn’t seen any updates since they launched the first 3 Windows Phones last year). The HD7S is a pretty impressive beast:

  • 4.3 inch Super LCD— meaning a nice, big, clear screen (just like the HTC Inspire 4G)
  • 1 GHZ processor— so things are fast and smooth
  • The latest Windows Phone 7 OS— including support for copy and paste (for those who are big about this). You also of course have all the other Windows Phone 7 awesomeness such as the Xbox Live and Zune apps.
  • 5 megapixel camera with dual flash and HD video recording
  • 16 GB of built-in storage— For thousands of songs, pix and tons of movies.

All in all, if you’re looking for a phone for great Xbox gaming on the go this looks to be perfect for you.

LG Thrill 4G

lg thrill 4g att

Wow. That really is all we can say about this– WOW! If you thought the Atrix 4G was ridiculous, wait till you see this (and when we say see, we really mean SEE). AT&T has gone all out with their 4th 4G phone, just look at what this beast packs:

  • 4.3 inch Glasses Free 3D screen— Yes, this is a full, glasses-free 3D phone!
  • Dual 5 megapixel cameras on the back for capturing 3D pictures and 720p HD 3D videos!— And you shoot full HD 1080p videos when filming in 2D
  • 1 GHZ dual core processor— For keeping all this 3D awesomeness fast and smooth
  • 16 GB of built-in storage
  • Android with Android Market and LG 3D App Store called LG 3D Space— Exactly which version of Android we don’t yet know, but LG is making sure you will be able to get some 3D apps that take full advantage of the 3D screen.
  • Support for AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network

Yeah, and this is all BEFORE CTIA actually begins. The HTC HD7S is said to be coming in the “coming weeks” and the Thrill 4G is said to come in the “coming months” both with prices still to be announced.

And stay tuned here for our first looks of these two new AT&T phones and for all the info you’re gonna want and need to know from CTIA 2011.

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