The Teen First Look: Sprint HTC EVO 3D

htc evo 3d

It’s official. Sprint has officially announced the HTC EVO 3D! Picking up where the EVO 4G left off, the EVO 3D continues with the incredible awesomeness. Packing specs like a 4.3 inch qHD high-res glasses-free 3D screen (so it’ll look awesome whether you’re viewing 3D pics and videos or 2D everything else), dual 5 megapixel camera to capture videos in 3D (or Full HD 1080p when not in 3D mode), front camera for video chat, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, dual core 1.2 GHZ processor and the latest and greatest version of HTC Sense (with some really cool looking animations and a much more improved lock screen to get you from locked to your app in one click), and of course 4G.

We were able to get our hands (and eyes!) on the EVO 3D after Sprint’s launch event concluded moment ago, and we gotta say, assuming the price isn’t too high (we are talking about a glasses-free 3D, 4G beast after all!) and the battery life is solid (Sprint reps are telling us we can expect a full days use out of this– which would be insane!), Sprint looks to have another winner on their hands here.

evo 3d teenstalktech

The screen on the EVO 3D in 2D mode was nice, clear and crisp— and with the same resolution as the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, it’s one of the sharpest we’ve seen. And when we went to a 3D pic or video (which is for now all the 3D is used for– pic and video watching), it was equally mind-blowing. Sure glasses-free 3D isn’t perfect yet (you need to be looking straight at it to really see it), but it’s still pretty remarkable and will no doubt impress you and your friends every time you take it out.

htc evo 3d pic

A 3D pic on the EVO 3D

Speed on the EVO 3D also seemed extremely fast from the brief time we’ve spent with it. Apps opened up quickly and 3D videos played extremely well. You should have no problem playing Angry Birds and multitasking on this.

evo 3d back 3d camera

The EVO 3D’s 3D cameras. That 2D/3D switch on top? That controls whether you’re shooting in 2D or 3D

Last but not least, the 3D camera looks to be as impressive as everything else on here and should be great for sharing high quality 3D and 2D video with friends (you can even video chat with other EVO 3D users in 3D using the back 3D camera!).

No price has been announced but Sprint says we can expect a launch early this summer.

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