T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, LG G-Slate and G2X Coming April 20th?

radioshack twitter sidekick 4g

If you though March was an awesome month for T-Mobile users (well, depending on if you like the idea of possibly becoming part of AT&T) then April looks to be even better as this will be time when 3 of T-Mobile’s awesome new devices– Sidekick 4G, LG G2X and LG G-Slate tablet– are said to be coming to a store near you. And all on the same day no less: April 20th.

How do we know this? Well yesterday Radio Shack– which sells T-Mobile phones– sent out this tweet (which you see above) with the pretty self-explanatory line “The new @TMobile Sidekick 4G comes to The Shack on April 20!” Yeah, can’t get any clearer than that. Now T-Mobile hasn’t officially unveiled this to be the day when this latest awesome Sidekick lands, but unless Radio Shack wants to play a pretty pathetic April Fools joke we really think this will be the date.

As for the LG G2X and G-Slate, rumors have been flying around the internet lately that April 20th will also be the date these 2 new awesome devices will launch. Again, T-Mobile hasn’t officially said anything yet (including a price for the G2X) but the rumors are getting louder and louder so we can definitely see it happening.

We’ll of course keep you updated once we do get the official word, but while you start marking down your calendars T-Mobile users, which phone are you gonna get: LG G2X or Sidekick 4G?

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