New Videos, Info On BlackBerry Bold Touch Leak Out– Looks Amazing!

If you’re looking for a new BlackBerry then you probably are gonna want to hold off buying that Bold/Curve/Torch for at least the next couple of weeks as it looks like there are some pretty incredible updates on the way. We already covered the rumored major updates to the Curve, Torch, Storm and Bold that BGR leaked back in January, and today YouTube user BBLeaks has come out with some leaked videos of their own on what to expect in this new, next generation Bold Touch– and put simply, it looks sick.

blackberry bold touch rumor pic 2 blackberry bold touch rumor side blackberry bold touch rumor

The design of the new BlackBerry Bold Touch

Take everything you love in the current Bold design (such as that awesome keyboard and design with trackpad in case you don’t want to use the touchscreen), throw in a solid multitouch screen in place of the current non-touch one above the keyboard (read: not slide-up like the Torch), and add a new, updated version of BlackBerry OS 6.1 along with a faster processor and yeah, we’re probably looking at the best BlackBerry yet! As we can see from these leaked YouTube vids– which show everything from pinch to zoom, to the new icons, to making a call to putting in a SIM card (for the AT&T/T-Mobile versions we assume unless this will also be a “world phone” like Sprint and Verizon’s latest Bold 9650, which is definitely a possibility)– design wise this really does look like the perfect BlackBerry.

Of course this BlackBerry Bold Touch isn’t yet confirmed by RIM, but with their big BlackBerry World conference just under a month away (it kicks off May 3rd) we expect it to be real soon.

All the leaked videos after the break.

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  1. wow ALL these videos dont work

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