White iPhone 4 Finally Coming This Week?

white iphone 4

The white iPhone 4– is it finally almost here?

If you’ve been waiting for the iPhone 4 to finally come in a color not black you’re lucky day may be finally almost here. After several delays since it was first announced last June, rumors are building that the white iPhone 4 may finally be released this week. These latest rumors come courtesy of reports in the Wall Street Journal (an actual reliable source) quoting Apple that the white iPhone 4 will indeed still be released this Spring and that it was not “killed off” as was previously rumored, and a listing on the UK carrier Three’s (which currently offers the black iPhone 4) site for a white iPhone 4 available for pre-order with earliest delivery on April 20th (or this Wednesday. The listing has since been pulled and reports are also saying that it won’t come until next Tuesday, April 26th).

This of course also further fuels the rumors that the iPhone 5 won’t be out until this fall which I am more inclined to believe ever since Apple said the white iPhone 4 was still on its way (I mean, Apple’s not the type of company to release a phone and then update it less than 2 months later). So in short: the white iPhone 4 is still coming and don’t be surprised if we see it this week. Anyone still excited about this?

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  1. Oh, I’m more than excited! I’ve been waiting and waiting to upgrade to an iphone for more than 5 months JUST so I could have a white iphone 4. My spirits were crushed after I read numerous articles that Apple wasn’t continuing the white version.. Until just this week when release dates began emerging! From what I read about the iphone 5, it won’t be too much different than the iphone 4. So, I’ll be perfectly content with a white iphone 4 for the next 2 years. Thank you for this article!! (:

  2. Hell Ya, I’m going out day 1 it comes out and buying one. Finally

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