BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Announced– The Bold Touch Is Now Finally Official

blackberry bold 9900 official

It’s finally almost here. After months of leaks, the long-awaited BlackBerry Bold Touch is now finally official. Coming this summer, this new Bold looks to pick up as we all expected right where the previous Bold 9650/9700 (depending on if you are on Sprint/Verizon or AT&T/T-Mobile) left off.

As we all expected, this new Bold is pretty impressive and something any BlackBerry user (or wanter) should be excited for when they get to their time to upgrade. Not only is it the most powerful BlackBerry yet, but in our opinion the nicest looking one too! Just check out what’s in here:

  • BlackBerry OS 7– Formerly known in the rumors as BlackBerry OS 6.1, this new OS includes updates to make using your BlackBerry much easier. Updates here include a better and faster browser, nicer looking icons and menus, and universal search and voice search for finding things on your phone. And for all those wondering if you can upgrade your current OS 6 running BlackBerry, RIM has said OS 7 will not work on older BlackBerry 6 phones only the new ones they release (like this Bold).
  • 2.8 inch touchscreen with normal BlackBerry keyboard underneath– With a resolution of 640×480 everything– text, pix, videos, games, websites– will look incredible on here. And while it is a touchscreen (which we know some of you BlackBerry users might not want on your BlackBerry), it’s not a slider like the Torch and still has the trackpad and other BlackBerry buttons right below the screen and above that traditional, awesome BlackBerry keyboard so you can use it just like any other BlackBerry Bold.
blackberry bold 9900 dime
  • Crazy thin— This is one of the reasons we said we think it’s the best looking BlackBerry yet: just look how thin it is!
  • 1.2 GHZ processor and 768 MB of RAM– Basically, this will be the fastest BlackBerry yet, by far.
  • WiFi, GPS, and NFC— NFC, or near field communications, will allow you to do things like use your phone as a credit card (in a safe and secure way) or interact with ads or billboards (think of it like those QR codes you see everywhere just now without the need to take a picture of anything. You just tap it or go near it and it works).
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash and HD video recording
As we said above, this will be available “this summer” (when exactly and for how much is still anyone’s guess) for most probably all 4 US carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon (AT&T and T-Mobile will get the GSM version called the 9900 and Sprint and Verizon will get the CDMA version the 9930. Both have the same specs you see above). T-Mobile has already even confirmed that this new Bold will be their first 4G BlackBerry (something we assumed would happen when we saw the leaked specs and that it had support for HSPA+ 4G, the 4G used by both AT&T and T-Mobile), and we don’t expect it to be too long until the others follow suit.
    So BlackBerry users: like what you see or do you want more from RIM (like one of those other leaked phones) for you to stay with a BlackBerry over an iPhone/Droid/Windows Phone 7?

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