Is This Nintendo’s Wii 2?

wii 2 project cafe hardware leak

Is this the Wii 2?

With the big video game conference E3 only a few weeks away the rumors on what’s next in the video game world are beginning to spread like fire. Obviously we expect to learn a lot more about Sony’s forthcoming NGP (aka the PSP 2– hopefully this will include a price and release date) and what Microsoft has planned for the future of the Xbox 360 and Kinect (which has been surprisingly quiet since its big launch last year. In the past 6 months since its been out we’ve hardly seen any new games that take advantage of its awesome controller free gameplay). In Nintendo’s case however things look to be going a whole ‘nother level with a preview of the next generation of the Wii currently code-named “Project Cafe.” Nintendo has even confirmed that this E3 they will talk about the Wii’s successor.

So what are the latest rumors saying we can expect in the Wii 2? Well, if they are anywhere near true, Nintendo is back in the hard-core gaming market— and in a big way.

project cafe wii 2 controller rumor

A better idea of the rumored Wii 2/Project Cafe controller (pic from IGN)

We all know that the initial Wii was a lot of fun to play the first few times you saw it but that it was never really designed for the intense hardcore games like Call of Duty, Gears of War and Uncharted like the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Wii 2/Project Cafe looks to change all of that.

So what are exactly the latest rumors (and we stress that these are right now only rumors, albeit ones with a lot of traction) on the Wii 2 aka Project Cafe?

  • Full 1080p HD support– Yes, this is something the original Wii couldn’t do and rumors are that Nintendo isn’t just stopping at HD on this new Wii but are also adding 3D support as well. We wouldn’t be surprised about this particularly seeing how much Nintendo loves 3D.
  • Brand new controller— The controller is said to also be getting a major overhaul, dumping the Wii’s Wiimote and Nunchuck in favor of a new more traditional button filled controller design– just with a large 6 inch touchscreen in the middle for viewing the games your playing on your own personal screen. We’re pretty excited about this and we see this as being great for multiplayer games. Imagine a Madden game with friends where you don’t have to worry about them seeing your possible choices of plays or a Call of Duty-like game where you don’t have to worry about someone peaking at your screen to find where you are. This should mean much more fun– and intense– gaming and seeing how Nintendo loves making their home consoles a social, multiplayer experience this is something we can really see them doing. IGN is also reporting that this new controller will allow you to wirelessly stream entire games to your controller’s screen as if it were a mini TV, so you don’t have to worry about those fights for who gets the TV. Yeah, this new controller is beyond insane.
  • Incredible graphics— Beyond supporting full 1080p HD and possibly 3D, this Wii 2 is said to sport graphics that are better than both the PS3 and Xbox 360— both of which as we already know have some awesome graphics of their own. Clearly Nintendo is holding nothing back.

Oh and for what this Wii 2 may look like check out this supposed leaked video that was said to be taken from a secret developer briefing (which also briefly shows a slide of that rumored new controller. The Wii 2 is the circled object).

Nintendo hasn’t said anything more on what we can expect from them in this next-gen Wii 2 (or whatever they call it) beyond that one is coming, and everything above are just some of the latest rumors that may completely change. But yeah, if you’re looking for a Wii (or even an 360 or PS3) we recommend you check back here on June 7th for when E3 fully kicks off and all the official details on this beast will hopefully be revealed.

UPDATE: As some eagle eyed commenters pointed out the video (and top pic) have been found to be fake. The other pieces of this post (like the new controller, HD and much improved graphics) are still rumored to be true.

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  1. What a terrible website you have here this was already proved false.

  2. That video was confirmed fake at least a week ago.

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