Apple Announces iMessage: BBM For iPhone Is Now Here


iMessage between iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Whenever we speak to friends with BlackBerrys they always mention how much they love BBM, and in many cases, how its the “only thing” keeping them from switching from a BlackBerry to an iPhone. Well, BlackBerry users, prepare to make the switch. Apple just took the wraps off of iMessage, or to put it in another way: the Apple version of BBM.

Coming in iOS 5–and available on iPhone (3GS/4), iPad (1 and 2) and iPod Touch (3rd and 4th gen)– iMessage has everything a BlackBerry user has come to know and love in BBM. Text, pic, video and contacts can all be shared with other iMessage users. Group chats, read and delivery receipts and indications on when the other person is typing? Yup, all are here as well. And like BBM, the messages will be pushed straight to your iDevice– just iMessages will work on both 3G and WiFi (so if you just have an iPod touch or WiFi-only iPad you can still use Apple’s version of BBM without having to get an iPhone and sign up for a data plan. If you have both an iPhone and iPad/iTouch this will allow you to continue your conversations on both devices).

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  1. Justin Goldstein

    will this be available for ipod touch?

    • Hey Justin,

      Yes but only for the two most recent versions of it (the 3rd– which will say A1318 on the bottom of the back, and 4th gen– the one with the two cameras). Older iPod Touches unfortunately won’t get this as they aren’t getting iOS 5.

      Hope this helps,


  2. I don’t see the big deal here. People liked BBM, but didn’t like how it wasn’t across platforms (apple, droid). Now Apple makes their own messenger that works like BBM, but only works for Apple users ? What’s the use ? Make it work across all platform (blackberry, droid, apple) and you will have a winner !

  3. GTalk has done this for ages. Who cares?

  4. can people exchange messages with a Blackberry as well?

  5. great so how do i load bbm on my i phone 4

  6. I have an i phone 4 where can i download the best apps for it

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