Sprint Launching HTC EVO 3D On June 24th

htc evo 3d

On Sprint and waiting anxiously for any news on when their 3D superphone– the HTC EVO 3D— will be coming out? You can relax now as HTC and Sprint have finally released the final two bits of info on this 3D beast: it’ll be available starting June 24th for $199.99 on with the usual new 2 year contract and data plan.

For those who don’t know, the EVO 3D is the successor to the very popular EVO 4G released last year and the first glasses-free 3D phone to be released in the US. Like the EVO 4G it’s a pretty powerful phone with a 4.3 inch qHD high-res glasses-free 3D screen (so it’ll look amazing whether you’re viewing 3D pics, games and videos or 2D everything else. It’ll also come with the “The Green Hornet 3D” movie and a demo of  the game “Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem 3D” pre-loaded so you can see view its 3D goodness right when you get it), dual 5 megapixel cameras to capture videos in 3D (or full HD 1080p when not in 3D mode), front camera for video chat, Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the latest HTC Sense 3.0dual core 1.2 GHZ processor and of course 4G.

We checked out the EVO 3D at CTIA when it was announced and we were very impressed with what we saw. Everything was fast and the 3D screen looked great. You can see our full first look here, but if you’re on Sprint and looking for a powerful 4G phone you should definitely wait a couple of weeks to check this out.

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