Top 5 Upcoming Sprint Phones: Summer 2011

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We covered AT&T and Verizon a little while ago but now it’s time to cover the next big carrier on our list: Sprint.

So Sprint users– you’ve got an upgrade coming up sometime over the next couple of weeks/months and while you like some of the phones already out there, you really wanna know what Sprint’s got planned during the next few weeks or months so you don’t go out and buy something only to really regret it a week later. We’re here to help. While not all of these are confirmed to be coming to Sprint (some are just our best guesses based on rumors we’ve been hearing), here are 5 phones that are said to be on their way to Sprint that if you have an upgrade should be really excited for (and trust us– they’re really good).


htc evo 3d

If you’re looking for a new Sprint phone anytime over the next week and want something that is absolutely insane you’re gonna probably want to check out the HTC EVO 3D. Launching this Friday, June 24th, for $200 with 2 year contract and data plan, this successor to the hit EVO 4G from last year is on track to pick up exactly where the EVO 4G left off– and that’s a great thing.

Specs wise the EVO 3D is incredible, with specs like a 4.3 inch qHD high-res glasses-free 3D screen (so it’ll look amazing whether you’re viewing 3D pics, games and videos or 2D everything else. It’ll also come with the “The Green Hornet 3D” movie and a demo of  the game “Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem 3D” pre-loaded so you can see view its glasses-free 3D goodness right when you get it), dual 5 megapixel cameras to capture videos in 3D (or 720p HD when not in 3D mode) with a second front camera for video chat, Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the latest HTC Sense 3.0dual-core 1.2 GHZ processor with 1 GB of RAM (for incredible speed) and of course, 4G.

We were very impressed with what we saw back when it was announced at CTIA and if you’re looking for a Sprint phone this week this is definitely worth checking out.

Motorola Photon 4G

motorola photon 4g

You could think of the Motorola Photon 4G in one of two ways: the EVO 3D without the 3D or Sprint’s version of AT&T’s Motorola Atrix 4G— and either way you look at it you’re looking at a pretty sick phone.  Specs wise it’s very similar to both phones with its 4.3 inch qHD screen (not 3D), 1 GHZ dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with 1 GB of RAM (again, for awesome speed), 8 megapixel back camera with front camera for video chat, the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Again, it’s very similar but still a very nice alternative for Sprint users looking for the EVO 3D’s power without the 3D and in a different, more curved-edged design. Expect the Photon 4G sometime “this summer.”

Samsung Galaxy S II

samsung galaxy s 2

Or as Sprint’s model is rumored to be called, the Samsung Within. This right here is the next generation of Samsung’s hit Galaxy S line (phones that included last year’s AT&T Captivate, Verizon Fascinate, T-Mobile Vibrant, Sprint Epic 4G and this year’s T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G) and like the Photon 4G and EVO 3D, its another incredibly powerful phone.

Specs on the Galaxy S II include a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen (like the AT&T Infuse 4G‘s– basically it’s an amazing screen), dual-core 1.2 GHZ Hummingbird processor with 1 GB of RAM (for excellent speed), 4G, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and an 8 megapixel back camera (with flash and full HD 1080p video recording) with 2 megapixel front camera (for higher quality video chats). Oh, and as you can see from the pic above, it’s ridiculously thin too.

No word on what customizations Sprint will make to its version of the Galaxy S II (which, like the first Galaxy S, is also expected to come to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile sometime over the next couple of months. Sprint last year customized the Epic 4G, their version of the Galaxy S, to include a slide-out keyboard), but if it keeps those above specs it looks like Sprint will have yet another awesome new phone on their hands.

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

blackberry bold 9900 official

Yes BlackBerry fans, the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 is rumored to be on its way to Sprint in late August/early September so if you’re looking for a new BlackBerry we strongly recommend waiting another couple of months.

For those who don’t know, the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 is probably the greatest BlackBerry– ever. Specs on this beast of a BlackBerry include the latest BlackBerry OS 7 (with updates like a better and faster browser, nicer looking icons and menus, and universal search and voice search for finding things on your phone), a 2.8 inch touchscreen with normal BlackBerry keyboard underneath (and with a resolution of 640×480 everything– text, pix, BBM, videos, games, websites– will look incredible on here), 1.2 GHZ processor and 768 MB of RAM (basically, this will be the fastest BlackBerry yet— and by far), a crazy thin design, and a 5 megapixel camera with flash and HD video recording.

No word on if Sprint will try to add 4G to their version of the Bold Touch, but with its release still rumored to be a couple of months away who knows, maybe they will (let’s hope!).

iPhone 4S/5

iphone 5 mockup 2

The rumored mock-up of the next iPhone (via This Is My Next)

Yes Sprint users you read that right– the next iPhone is rumored to be on its way to Sprint in addition to coming to AT&T and Verizon (and possibly T-Mobile too). Obviously we don’t know much about what exactly will be in this new iPhone (or even when it will come out or what it will be called)– and this is still just a rumor— but seeing as Verizon and Sprint run pretty similar CDMA networks we don’t think it’s now much of a question on if the iPhone will come to Sprint, but really just a matter of when. Throw in reports from 9to5Mac that Apple and Sprint are in “advanced testing”  of a Sprint iPhone (read: they’ve been testing for a while and may be close to giving it the official “go” later this year), and an iPhone for Sprint later this year looks more and more likely.

Wrap Up

As you can probably see, now’s a pretty great time to have an upgrade on Sprint with a very impressive lineup of new phones expected to be on the way over the next couple of weeks and months. Remember though, a lot of this is still just rumors and is not official, and like with our top 5’s for AT&T and Verizon we’re sure this is only a small part of what Sprint’s got up their sleeves (and don’t worry, we’ll of course keep you updated on any awesome new news they announce).

But Sprint users we have to ask: if you’re up for an upgrade this summer, any of these new phones for you or do you just plan to try to wait it out until the next iPhone is announced (whenever that is) to see if it comes to Sprint before you make a decision (and if it is coming to Sprint later this year, would you still buy it even if it was 3G only)? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I dont think the evo will be a success. we have seen how 3d tvs flopped. i think the evo will be the same. im gonn get the new HTC ChaCha cheap and cheerful

  2. actually the evo 3d phone launches on Friday the 24th

  3. I’m not sure most of Sprint or Verizon Android users sit around waiting for the next iPhone. Apple messed that up years ago and weve since moved onward and upward. Apple’s numbers are great but they need to catch up Android’s technologies which we are now seeing with iCloud. I’ll be getting the EVO 3D, but think the photon and GS II looks beautiful.

  4. The only way I would buy a Sprint Iphone would be if it came with min spec of a 4.3 screen/1.2 dual core and be 4g. I will be charged the $10 anyway so getting anything less then 4g would be throwing $10 a month into the fire, hey at least you got it when you are in a 4g area which is nice to have.

  5. I was interested in the Evo 3D just on the specs, but that 3D is simply too gimmicky to overlook. It doesn’t seem like a phone for adults.

  6. i wud like the motorolla photon…..i have the evo n is looking for a upgrade……do anybody know when its exact release date in july

  7. My contract with Sprint is up so I have the luxury of going to anybody. But after looking at the monthly plans, Sprint gives the bang for the buck. To get an equivalent plan usage from Verizon I’d have to spend about $90 (closer to $100 after all taxes are included) vs. $70 for Sprint.

    While I love the usage plans with Sprint, their phones are a little in question for me. I liked the way the Nexus S 4g felt in my hand and the UI is awesome, but I’ve read quite a bit of reception problems, so I want to get that, I won’t.

    The others, the HTC’s EVO 3D is nice, that thing is a BRICK!! If you’re female it may be ok since you can throw it in your purse, but other than that, that thing is pretty big. I understand they’re trying to fit a bigger screen, but it’s simply too big for my purpose. The other phones are quite bulky as well.

    My current phone is a Palm Pre which I like but I’m not sure they’ll be getting the news HP Pre 3. All other blogs I’ve read indicates Sprint won’t be getting it, so I’m just waiting for a phone I like.

    • A man with a PRE is not a man…get a real phone

      • are you kidding me? really! the pre was one of the best competitors on the market when it came out. the only problem was that HP bought it and didnt do diddly squat…. now people like me are stuck waiting for them to get with the times before they lose more market share than they can get back from the ever growing apple and android market… HP messed up big time!!!! they ruined WebOS!!! its gonna be dead…

        • Had the PalmPre, it was a nice OS but the phone had hardware issues, cracked the screen after 6 months of careful handling because I used my thumbs on the screen to slide the keyboard out for use. Sprint replaced because I had the replacement plan but I had to pay the $ 100 deductable.

      • You’re an idiot.

    • What do you care what phone he has? Got issues or what?!!?

    • I too have a Pre. I’m up for upgrade in a month. I’ve not been too impressed with current options. I love the software / layout / size of the pre…. But I can NOT go through yet another replacement cycle 😦

      I’m happy to see I’m not the only Pre user that’s still out there! But I can say, when I see a phone that actually tickles my fancy, I will definitely using my upgrade. And I don’t think it will be a goant phone. I like my Pre’s small footprint too much.

    • I still have the Pre also. I love the size of it. Smart phones are too big. I can’t believe the iphone will be one of the smallest when it comes to Sprint. I may have to get it since nothing else fits in my pocket. Plus the battery life on the Android phones is terrible.

  8. iphone and bb bold touch coming to sprint aooooowwwwww cant wait

  9. The Blackberry might have past its expiration date and by the looks of the phone from the pictures… R.I.P. Blackberry… smh.

    Im assuming that by the time the Photon comes out, we should know wheather or not the iphone is dropping for sprint, and if the iphone IS dropping… im with the iphone all the way. if not, photon it is.

  10. Franco carmen

    I cant wait for iphone

  11. sprint coming out wit an iphone???….hmmm

  12. It’s no coincidence that the carriers with more competitive service pricing don’t offer iphone. The subsidization of the the hardware is too costly. My guess is there will be no free lunch when Sprint does offer the iphone. If I could place a bet, I would be willing to wager that the introduction of iphone would be accompanied by either another hike in service pricing (like the recent $10 hike) or the elimination of unlimited data service.

  13. Jasedaillest1983

    I worm for sprint and trust me they will not be getting the Isuck at all. Look at all the companies with Iwack and what they have done. Raise prices and eliminated unlimited open ur eyes ppl evo is the way

    • You work for Sprint and you are so sure that the IPhone is not going to sprint…. And you also says it sucks, well it’s the people’s preference and let me tell you I have an iPod, an iPad and an EVO, plus EVO 3D, and I just got the Xoom….with all these devices you can do different things…so stop being Cocky cause if the iPhone does go to sprint just remember when all of those people that are going to upgrade or add a line…remember your QUOTA and also remember the remark that you posted!!! FYI…. I also work for sprint….

      • lifes better on the mountain

        I work for sprint, depending on what channel you work in…there is not a quota. You obviously haven’t had a job before. People are going if they a. Think anyone selling them something is trying to meet a quota. And B. If you honestly think the iPhone is good. I cannot confirm or deny the appearance of the iPhone due to company policy. But I can say the EVO has been by far the best phone on sprint. (Unfortunately the hyped nexus s 4g has several software issues that conflict with signal strength etc)

        • Armsofundertow02

          I work for sprint and i cant confirm or deny anything but trust me the iphone is coming and were not going to not have unlimited data like at and t because thats ridic. htc has crappy phones get over it ppl but i guess ill have to wait. again i cant confirm or deny anything but itll come out on september 32.

    • the 4g evo is on it s phase out as we speak

    • It is officially out…Sprint IS getting the IPhone in October! It is such a good thing you have the inside scoop 😉

    • you were right on with this one.. thanks for the inside info 😉

  14. Does anyone no when the Samsung Galaxy S2 coming out for Sprint(Within)????? Please

  15. I just found out about the iPhone also but no one knows when its coming out so it seem kind of skeptical. Its been “coming out” since july. So I’m going with the photon

  16. Currently work for Sprint. Photon is the way to go right now.

  17. I’ve the EVO 3D, I’ve done the photon…. waiting for Sprint to drop the SGS2… blackberry is great if the it would be 4G but they are so far behind that catching up will take a while… Mac messed up with the exclusive licensing with the iPhone…. but I would love to see it on Sprint….

  18. I can’t wait for the Iphone (or whatever they’ll call it) to come to Sprint. My Family Data plan with Employee discount is the absolute best dal in town, and their network is 2nd only to Verizon in San Diego County.

    But for now, I’m waiting for my Photon 4g in mail and will let you know how it works soon!

  19. any thoughts on the galaxy s II ? i’m due for an upgrade but have yet to find a phone i like

  20. The Evo has not been out for 2 years yet?????

  21. Nice….very nice!

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