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The Teen Review: HTC Status

htc status

When we first saw the HTC Status for ourselves a couple of weeks ago we were very impressed. It’s fast, sleek, and has an excellent keyboard. But there’s a reason we called that a First Look and not a full-blown review, as those were just our first thoughts after spending a few minutes with AT&T and HTC’s new Facebook and teen focused phone.

For the last couple of weeks we’ve put the Status under some much more intense testing. So, how does it hold up and if you’re on AT&T should it be your next phone? For those answers and more read on for our full Teen Review of the HTC Status.

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BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Now Live on Verizon’s Site! (UPDATE: Coming With 4G LTE?)

Well, it looks like we should expect some news on the Bold Touch 9930 after all– at least if you’re on Verizon. Yes, that video above is the hotly anticipated BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 being demoed on video by Verizon, pretty much confirming that the sickest BlackBerry we’ve seen yet is going to be on its way to a Verizon store near you. And to make things better, the video was posted on Verizon’s site (under a second listing for the older Bold 9650). To view the video on the Verizon site just click on “Explore Features” under the demo and videos tab.

Sadly the video doesn’t give a price or exact release date (though the way it sounds we think it will be coming sooner rather than later), but hopefully that will all be cleared up soon.

So with Verizon and T-Mobile now for sure getting the new Bold Touch all we need is AT&T and Sprint to share the good news and everyone will be happy. Stay tuned– we think this BlackBerry news is just getting started.

UPDATE: So we just watched the video again and the end of the video the Verizon employee Blake makes sure to mention the Bold 9930’s faster processor, touchscreen, great BlackBerry keyboard and that it’s “paired with fastest, most advanced 4G LTE network in America.” Yeah, this could not just be the first touchscreen Bold, but also the first BlackBerry to run on Verizon’s super-fast 4G network.

Now the video didn’t mention 4G elsewhere or show off a “4G” logo so this may just be a mistake from an early video. But wow– we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for tomorrow.

Info and YouTube version of the video from CrackBerry

New BlackBerrys Being Revealed Tomorrow?

blackberry os 7 twitter post

We know a lot of you are very excited for the upcoming new Bold 9900/9930 (depending on of if your on AT&T/T-Mobile or Sprint/Verizon), but sadly ever since it was first announced in April RIM hasn’t said anything more such as when exactly we can expect it or some of the other rumored new BlackBerrys (like the new Torch, Curve or Storm). Well, looking at this latest tweet from BlackBerry we’ll hopefully have some of those answers soon. Like tomorrow soon.

The tweet, which you see above, is from the official BlackBerry Twitter account and teases some new info coming tomorrow on BlackBerry OS 7 devices (like that Bold Touch and new Torch, Curve and Storm!). And seeing as we already know a lot about OS 7 since it was announced back in April with the Bold Touch, hopefully these new “deets” will include some info on when exactly some of the new BlackBerrys will be in stores and for how much.

So BlackBerry fans stay tuned– it looks like the info you’ve all been waiting for will finally be revealed soon. And make sure to check back here tomorrow for whatever it is BlackBerry has to share.


Best Buy Pulls Out Of Microsoft’s Free Xbox 360 Back To School Deal

xbox 360 back to school deal

Looking to take advantage of Microsoft’s awesome back-to-school deal of a free Xbox 360 when you buy a new PC for $699 or more? Well, if you are then we recommend not picking up that new computer from Best Buy as they have pulled out of this back-to-school deal earlier this month. And while we couldn’t find out the reason that Best Buy isn’t offering this free 360 deal anymore, they have confirmed to us that they have stopped offering the deal.

HP, Dell, Amazon and the Microsoft Store are all still offering this deal (which runs until September 3rd and works as long as you have a high school or college student ID)– so if you were looking for a new computer at $699 or more and wanted that free 360 we recommend you look at one of them.

Back To School Deal of The Day: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Now Only $99

xperia play gaming 1

We liked the Xperia Play (aka PlayStation phone) when we reviewed it earlier this month, but we really wished the price was a little lower. Well, Sony Ericsson and Verizon listened and now as part of Verizon’s back-to-school deals they’ve lowered the Xperia Play’s price to a much better $99.99 on new 2 year contract with data plan (down from the original $199.99).

The other specs on the Xperia Play are still the same, like that sharp 4 inch high-resolution touchscreen with slide-out PlayStation gamepad, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, fast 1 GHZ processor with 512 MB of RAM, 5 megapixel back camera with second front camera for video chat, and pre-loaded games of Madden NFL 11, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, The Sims 3, Star Battalion, Crash Bandicoot and Tetris.

So if you’re looking for a great gaming phone to kill time between classes this school year, this now looks to be an even better choice for you.

The Xperia Play and its new price are available now from Verizon.


Looking For Textbooks For The Upcoming School Year? Then You Should Definitely Check Out Amazon

kindle textbook rentals

Viewing Kindle Textbooks from your computer

Before you run out to buy those textbooks for the upcoming school year you should really first go to Amazon. Amazon’s Kindle bookstore is now renting out textbooks at up to 80% off the price of the paper version of the same textbook. Yeah, this could be some major savings.

So here’s how the new textbook renting service works. You download the Amazon Kindle app for your PC, Mac, phone or tablet (that’s right– you don’t even need a Kindle), find the textbook you need in the Textbooks Store on Amazon’s site (they have “tens of thousands” available),  pick how long you need it for (anywhere from 30 days to a 360 days) and check out. That’s it. And if you find out that you need more time you can always extend the rental (from one more day to however many days you need to even buying the textbook outright if that makes more sense for you).

Once you check out you can read your textbook on any of the above devices so long as it has that Kindle app installed. You can even make notes which are saved online (at and viewable even after you “returned” the textbook (and if you re-rent the textbook later your notes will return to the places you made them).

So yeah, the textbook you need, for when you need it, at a much cheaper price AND it can fit anywhere from your computer to your pocket? Sounds like a great deal to us.

For more info on this awesome new deal from Amazon see their site here. If you want to see if they have the textbooks you need you can search their entire store here. And stay tuned– we’ve got a lot more to come to help make sure you’re ready for the upcoming school year.

Apple Updates The MacBook Air– What You Need To Know

apple macbook air 2011

If you’re looking for a new computer this back-to-school shopping season and really wanted to go with a Mac we really hope you waited. As expected, Apple didn’t just launch Lion today, but they also announced some pretty major updates to its MacBook Air that should make it a much better choice as your next computer.

We got all the details for you below, so read on.

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Lenovo Announces the IdeaPad K1 Android Tablet– The First Android Tablet With Netflix

lenovo ideapad k1

Looking for a sleek Android tablet but really want Netflix? Well, then this new tablet from Lenovo is for you. Lenovo just took the wraps off the IdeaPad K1 tablet and while it’s very similar to the other Android 3.1 tablets we’ve seen (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab), it also has something the other ones lack– an exclusive Netflix app. We know, we know, the iPad’s had this for a while now, but it’s still nice to start seeing some other big tablet apps come to Android (though sadly there’s no word on how long Lenovo has this exclusive and if or when it will be available on other Android tablets).

Now beyond Netflix support the K1 is like pretty much every other Android tablet we’ve seen with specs like: Android 3.1 Honeycomb (with a custom Lenovo interface and special Lenovo App Store where you can find apps tested by Lenovo and guaranteed to work on your tablet. And yes, you still have access to the normal Android Market and can download apps from there), 10.1 inch HD screen (so those apps and Netflix videos look great), dual-core 1 GHZ processor and 1 GB of RAM (so everything runs fast), 5 megapixel back camera with 2 megapixel front camera for video chat, and 10 hours of battery life.

Lenovo will also be pre-loading the K1 with apps like Need For Speed: Shift, Amazon Kindle, ooVoo, Angry Birds, Docs to Go (similar to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel on your computer), Lenovo Social Touch (for easily updating your Facebook and Twitter from one app) along with many other apps so you’re ready to go right out of the box.

And while all this is nice, the biggest part of all this is the price. Unlike the Galaxy Tab and iPad 2 which start at $500 for 16 GB WiFi-only versions, the K1’s 16 GB WiFi-only version will cost only $449 (and it also has a microSD card slot for easily adding for adding more storage when you need it), with the 32 GB WiFi-only version costing $500.

The K1 is available now and for more info check out Lenovo’s site here.

It’s Official: Apple’s Releasing OS X Lion Tomorrow

os x lion release

It looks like all the final pieces of OS X Lion are now finally coming into place. We knew the price ($29.99), we knew where to get it (Mac App Store), we knew the major new features to look forward to, and now we finally know that final missing piece: the date. Apple just announced that OS X Lion will be available tomorrow, July 20th, for all to download from the Mac App Store.

Apple of course hasn’t said anything about if there will also be new Macs to go along with the big release, but if there are you know that we’ll have all the info you need to know about them right here.

And for everything you need to know about Lion and what makes it so great make sure to check out our round-up post here.

OS X Lion Breakdown: Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Next Big OS

os x lion top pic

With Apple’s next big version of OS X, called Lion, seemingly set to launch any day now a lot of you want to know “what exactly is so great about Lion and what does it mean to me?” Well, we’re gonna recap everything you need to know about Lion for you right here so you’re ready for whenever it actually comes out.

Let’s get to it.

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