Verizon Releases The Motorola Droid 3– The Most Powerful 3G Droid Yet

motorola droid 3 keyboard

Looking for a new Droid but want something with the power of the Droid X2, keyboard of the Droid 2 and front camera of the Droid Incredible 2? Then this latest version of the original Droid line is for you.

Today Verizon and Motorola released the Droid 3, the third generation of the original Motorola Droid released two years ago that really put Android on the map. And this new Droid 3 definitely looks to live up to the Droid name. As we wrote above, think of it as a best of the best of some of the latest 3G Droids– the Droid X2, Droid Incredible 2, and Droid 2. Here are the full specs:

motorola droid 3 front

  • 4 inch high-res qHD screen– Basically this is one of the best screens on any Droid yet and should make everything you view on it look great. The screen is also made of what’s known as Gorilla Glass, or a really strong glass that should help keep your screen scratch free (a major plus in our opinion).
  • Slide-out full QWERTY keyboard— It wouldn’t be a new Droid without it.
  • 1 GHZ Dual Core Processor– So it’s just as fast as the recently released, blazing fast Droid X2. Everything on here should run fast and smooth just like its supposed to.
  • 8 megapixel back camera with 1080p HD video recording and second, front camera for video chat— Just like the Droid Incredible 2. Pictures and videos on here should also come out great (the back camera even has face recognition!).
  • Latest and greatest Android 2.3 Gingerbread— With Swype keyboard pre-loaded for when you don’t want to use the slide-out keyboard.
  • 16 GB of built-in storage– With the ability to add another 32 GB through microSD which makes this perfect for storing all your music, videos and pictures.

Sadly the Droid 3 isn’t a 4G phone (we’re gonna have to wait for the Droid Bionic for that), but if you’re looking for a top of the line 3G Droid you can pick this up now for $199 with new 2 year contract and data plan from Verizon (and again, if you’re upgrading you can still keep your unlimited data with this).


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