The Teen First Look: HTC Status

htc status first look facebook

While sadly there was no new Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 shown off today at AT&T’s Unwrapped event we did get to finally get our hands on one of AT&T’s most interesting new phones, the just announced Facebook-focused HTC Status.

So what are you waiting for? Read on for our Teen First Look of AT&T’s upcoming Facebook phone.

HTC Status first look side

The Status felt very good in our hands with a very responsive and sharp 2.6 inch touchscreen atop a very easy to type on keyboard (kinda like that Bold Touch!). The Status is also very thin with a great unibody design that makes it feel like its worth much more than the $49 price you pay for it with 2 year contract. Overall, the hardware of the Status is excellent for the price.

htc status first look htc sense

The Status is also the first AT&T phone to run the latest version of Android, version 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense 3.0. While you’d think that the 800 MHZ processor on here would make things run beyond slow, HTC’s done a great job at making things run smoothly. Everything was fast and responsive with apps opening quickly even when multitasking with several apps running in the background. Sure this won’t play hardcore games like the Xperia Play, but it should be more than enough for doing the basic things like texting, taking pictures, browsing the web, and of course going on Facebook.

htc status first look facebook button

Speaking of Facebook, this truly is the perfect phone for Facebook addicts with easy one click access for sharing pictures, links or updating your status just by pressing the Facebook button in the lower right of the keyboard. Facebook opened up immediately when we pressed it and made it much easier to share things with your Friends (for example, just pressing the Facebook button while in the camera app lets take a picture and immediately post it on Facebook).

htc status first look back camera

Also on the Status are a 5 megapixel back camera and VGA front camera. We didn’t get a lot of time to test these yet but from what we did see the back camera takes some very solid pictures. Oh, and as of right now there is no Facebook video chat on here.

We’ll have more on the Status next week including our full Teen Review. The Status launches next Monday, July 17th, for $49.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan.

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  1. verbatim copy of Moto Q

  2. David Griffiths

    Ugggh… It’s not a Facebook phone. Even the Fb “guy” said there’d never be a Fb phone, but instead an Android device with heavily integrated Fb stuff.

  3. Sorry but in england its called htc chacha

  4. 800MHz processor, not 600MHz

  5. 800MHz processor, not 600MHz

  6. If HTC decides to remake this phone without the Facebook label on the button and make that an LED for notifications, make it black and grey, they’ll have KILLED the BlackBerry market. It is everything a BlackBerry wants to be wrapped in Android goodness.

  7. Are you guys sure that’s a front facing camera? One of the spec sheets I read said it was an led for notifications

  8. is this phone good for texting

  9. I’m a teenage girl and I have this phone, lets just say I LOVE it! lol(:

  10. I’m a teenage girl and I have this phone, lets just say I LOVE it! lol(:

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