Sprint Gives The Motorola Photon 4G A Release Date And Price– Coming July 31st For $199

motorola photon 4g home screen

Ever since we wrote about the Photon 4G in our top upcoming Sprint phones post a lot of you have asked when this phone will finally come out and for how much. Well, today we finally got the answer to those questions with an official price and release date. Well, the Photon 4G will be available sooner than you thinkcoming at the end of this month, July 31st, for the as expected $199.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan.

For those who don’t know, the Photon 4G is kinda like the recently released HTC EVO 3D just without the 3D part. It’s a beast of a phone with specs like a 4.3 inch qHD screen (not 3D but still very, very nice and a screen that should make everything you view on it look amazing)1 GHZ dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with 1 GB of RAM (again, for awesome speed)8 megapixel back camera with front camera for video chat, kickstand, and the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread with custom Motorola UI on top. The Photon 4G can also be docked into a “HD Station” so you can connect the Photon 4G to a larger screen and use its Webtop OS with Firefox browser (this is the same OS that allows the AT&T Atrix 4G to turn into a “laptop” when it’s docked in its laptop dock). Unfortunately there’s no word on if the Photon  4G will get is own laptop dock (it’s slightly bigger screen makes it too big to fit into the Atrix’s), but if there is one we’ll make sure you know about it.

We saw the Photon 4G for ourselves a few weeks ago and we were very impressed. If you want a powerful Sprint phone and don’t want the 3D of the EVO 3D, this is definitely worth waiting for.

So, what’s it gonna be: Photon 4G, EVO 3D or are you waiting for a different phone to be your next Sprint phone? Sound off in the comments.

For more info on the Photon 4G check out Sprint’s site here.

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  1. The Photon 4G looks cool but if I were a Sprint customer interested in buying, I would be a little bit concerned about the custom Motorola UI- What if it’s just a Gingerbread version of MotoBlur, which is slow and not user friendly? Besides for that, it does look like one of the better non-3D Sprint ‘droids and its spec’s definitely justify the $200 price tag

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