BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Now Live on Verizon’s Site! (UPDATE: Coming With 4G LTE?)

Well, it looks like we should expect some news on the Bold Touch 9930 after all– at least if you’re on Verizon. Yes, that video above is the hotly anticipated BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 being demoed on video by Verizon, pretty much confirming that the sickest BlackBerry we’ve seen yet is going to be on its way to a Verizon store near you. And to make things better, the video was posted on Verizon’s site (under a second listing for the older Bold 9650). To view the video on the Verizon site just click on “Explore Features” under the demo and videos tab.

Sadly the video doesn’t give a price or exact release date (though the way it sounds we think it will be coming sooner rather than later), but hopefully that will all be cleared up soon.

So with Verizon and T-Mobile now for sure getting the new Bold Touch all we need is AT&T and Sprint to share the good news and everyone will be happy. Stay tuned– we think this BlackBerry news is just getting started.

UPDATE: So we just watched the video again and the end of the video the Verizon employee Blake makes sure to mention the Bold 9930’s faster processor, touchscreen, great BlackBerry keyboard and that it’s “paired with fastest, most advanced 4G LTE network in America.” Yeah, this could not just be the first touchscreen Bold, but also the first BlackBerry to run on Verizon’s super-fast 4G network.

Now the video didn’t mention 4G elsewhere or show off a “4G” logo so this may just be a mistake from an early video. But wow– we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for tomorrow.

Info and YouTube version of the video from CrackBerry

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  1. It sounds like great news- too bad it’s a Blackberry. I mean it’s all great that there’s a touch screen and a slightly faster processor, but it still a tiny screen, a difficult keyboard (a major deterrent for anyone who isn’t already used to the BB keyboard), and may still suffer from the chronic Blackberry slowness- probably making you wish you would have bought a faster and cheaper *3G* Smartphone (I mean, for the $200 2-year contract price, you might as well get the LG Revolution, which is also LTE, but has many features that the BlackBerry is missing, such as a bigger screen, a decent OS, and -get this- not one, but two cameras unlike the Touch 9930’s *ZERO* cameras). So, I think the only consumer who would actually want to buy this over-priced phone would be someone used to Blackberry who wants to move a little bit into the future (touchscreen and 4GLTE) but not too much (which would be buying an actual smartphone).
    What do you think, Eli?

    • Hey Tzvi,

      If it has LTE, is priced well (around $200 or lower not $250-$300 like Verizon’s other 4G phones), and comes out before the next iPhone (and iMessage) I think it can actually do pretty well.

      As much as its lacking the iPhone and Revolution’s bigger screens, dual cameras (the Bold Touch 9930 has right just a back 5 megapixel camera) and better OS, it has somethings a lot of people still want– BBM and a great keyboard. And it’s better, updated browser and more modern looking OS 7 makes a lot of people really excited about this (you should see the amount of questions we get!). Though again, the big thing here is that it really needs to come out soon and before that next iPhone and iOS 5.

      Hopefully we’ll find out more later today!



  2. I don’t know where you saw the video but I can’t seem to find it on Verizon’s website.

    • Hey Lois,

      Verizon has removed the video of the Bold Touch 9930 and “fixed the leak.” We’ve got a copy of that original video of the Verizon Bold 9930 in the above YouTube video.



  3. I don’t know what to get, iPhone 5 or bold touch. I currently have a iPhone 4, if the bold touch ships with LTE and the iPhone 5 I will get the bold touch.

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