New BlackBerry Curve 9350 Announced, Coming To Sprint September 9th

blackberry curve 9350

Looking for a new BlackBerry on Sprint but aren’t impressed with the new Bold 9930 or Torch 9850? Well, then you may want to check out this brand new Curve. This new Curve 9350 brings a lot of the updates of the new Bold and Torch lines but at a much better price: $79.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan.

And if you’re a fan of the Curve line you’re really going to like what Sprint and BlackBerry have done here. This new Curve 9350 is without a question the best BlackBerry Curve yet with features like: an improved 2.44 inch touchscreen above that great BlackBerry keyboard (it’s a higher resolution screen which means that everything from BBM’s to Facebook to websites will look really nice on here. And like the Bold 9930 the screen is now multitouch so you can do things like pinch-to-zoom in the browser), 800 MHZ processor with 512 MB of RAM (so things here don’t just look good but are much faster too), 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording (like the other new BlackBerrys there is no front camera here), and the latest BlackBerry 7 OS. All in all, this looks to be a great upgrade to the Curve line and an excellent choice for Sprint users who want a good BlackBerry but don’t want to pay $200 for a Bold.

The Curve 9350 will be available for Sprint users beginning September 9th.  For more info on the new Curve, check out BlackBerry’s site here.

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