Samsung Begins The US Galaxy S II Teasing– Is This The Sprint Version?

Well we now know for sure what Samsung will be announcing at their big New York event next week— the long-awaited US versions of their hit Android superphone, the Galaxy S II. Samsung has begun releasing some YouTube videos like the one above which, you guessed it, are all about how the US will finally soon be getting the Galaxy S II.

Not much else about the Galaxy S II is mentioned in this teaser video, though we now know that we should expect the US versions to keep the Galaxy S II’s insanely thin design, front cameras and large, amazing screens. If you’re looking for a new Android phone for back-to-school those features alone should make you want to wait to learn more about this.

samsung galaxy s 2 youtube us teaser Oh, and if you look closely at the Galaxy S II at the end of the video (or in the pic above) you’ll notice that it’s different from the European Galaxy S II Samsung otherwise is showing off in the teaser video. That Galaxy S II has a large button on the bottom below the screen while this Galaxy S II has no button and also lists Kanasas City in the weather widget. Now this is just a guess on our part but perhaps this is the Sprint version of the Galaxy S II (rumored to be called the Epic Touch 4G after Sprint’s first Galaxy S phone, the Epic 4G).This all fits in with the other rumors about Sprint’s Galaxy S II– including the rumored September 9th release date (which is also the date listed on the clock widget)– and Sprint is based right near Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas. Check out the above video for yourself and let us know what you think.

Samsung also said on their Twitter that they will be releasing new US Galaxy S II info everyday at 10 AM Eastern, so who knows what will be revealed next. And don’t forget to check back here next week for everything you need to know on everything Samsung announces.

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