Did Verizon and Motorola Just Confirm The Droid Bionic’s Release Date?

droid bionic release date leak

We know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting for more info on Motorola and Verizon’s upcoming super powerful, 4G LTE running Droid Bionic and from the looks of this latest Verizon ad, we just got one of the last missing details on the phone: it’s release date. If you pay close attention to the new Verizon Droid Bionic TV ad (seen below) you’ll see at the end the date 9.8.11. If that looks familiar it’s because it’s the same September 8th date previously rumored to be the launch date for the Bionic. Sadly the ad doesn’t mention a price (though we think it will be $300 on contract), but with apparently just a week before it comes out we expect to find that out soon.

We also know that the Droid Bionic will be getting its own laptop dock like the AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G, though again no word on how much it will cost (let’s hope they don’t charge $500 for it or make you have to get a tethering plan like AT&T did).

We’ll of course keep you updated as more info comes out, but hang tight Droid Bionic fans– you’re perfect back to school phone looks to finally be almost here.

Info via Droid Life

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