iPhone 5 Rumor Of The Day: Coming To Best Buy and Sprint October 21st?

iphone 5 mockup

We know a lot of you are really excited to learn more about this rumored Sprint iPhone said to be coming in October. While these are still just a couple of rumors, combined with what we learned from the Wall Street Journal things are looking even better for the iPhone 5 coming next month— and that it’s also coming to Sprint.

Today’s iPhone 5 rumors come from two of the top tech sites out there, This Is My Next and BGR, and both have received different tips that Best Buy is planning for some big Apple launch next month. According to the tip sent into This Is My Next, Apple will be installing some big “fixtures” (think signs, posters, demo stands) in Best Buy stores on October 21st (which is the date that makes the most sense to us and fits in with other rumors of a middle of October launch). What’s important to know about this is that its similar to what they did last summer for the iPhone 4 launch. BGR on the other hand has a separate Best Buy tip saying not only that Sprint is getting the iPhone 5 (in addition to AT&T and Verizon and we think T-Mobile– it just makes sense and we don’t see why Apple wouldn’t do it), but pre-orders may begin as soon as this week (with the iPhone going on sale on October 1st. We don’t think is happening seeing as Apple has yet to send out invites for an iPhone 5 event, something which isn’t expected to happen until later this month or early next month. But hey, we wouldn’t mind if they started this week!).

bgr best buy iphone 5 rumorThe BGR Best Buy leak– note the mention of the Sprint iPhone 5 at the top in bold

And as the BGR tip notes, and we want to stress again: these dates are very much subject to change. Remember, these are all still very much just rumors and not officially confirmed by Apple, Best Buy, Sprint or anyone else. But two different Best Buys saying the iPhone 5 is coming in October, and the Wall Street Journal saying the same thing two weeks ago, makes us really think that we’re getting really close.

We’ll of course keep you updated as more iPhone 5 info comes out, so stay tuned!

More info: BGR, This Is My Next

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