Sony Finally Gives The PlayStation Vita A Release Date: Coming To The US February 22nd

ps vita

Ready for Sony’s next generation PSP, the PlayStation Vita? Well, you’ll have to hold on for a bit longer as Sony has just announced the US release date for their next generation PSP– February 22nd, 2012. Yes, 2012, as in next year.

Now while we know this still sucks, we should note that February is only four months away and let’s face it– most of us have been waiting for a true PSP successor for years now, so what’s a couple more months?

In other Vita news, Sony also announced that the Vita will have built-in apps for Facebook, Foursquare, Skype and Twitter— perfect for those times where you want to use this for more than just awesome gaming. Speaking of games, Sony also mentioned that there are over 100 games in development right now for the Vita, including Vita versions of hit games like Call of Duty, FIFA, Uncharted (the Vita version is called Uncharted Golden Abyss), and Assassins Creed– with even more games to be announced “in the months ahead.”

For those who don’t know, the Vita is Sony’s next version of the PSP (aka the PSP2), and as you’d expect, it’s loaded with impressive features like: a 5 inch OLED touchscreen with a 960×544 resolution (or a pretty amazing screen), quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor (think the full power of your computer in your pocket. This allows for things like PS3 quality graphics on a device you can carry in your pocket), full array of buttons with dual analog sticks (so you also get the full PlaySation controller to go with those PS3 like graphics), front and rear cameras (for things like augmented reality games and Skype), and touch sensitive pad on the back (so you can have more control of the games without having to put your fingers on the screen. The touch sensitive panel on the back spans the length of the front’s 5 inch screen– so you can control from the back by touching where you would want on the screen). In short, it’s pretty incredible.

And as for pricing, the Vita still looks to be $249 for WiFi-only or $299 for WiFi+AT&T 3G, though again who knows, maybe the fact that’s it not coming for another four months will make that price drop even further.

So, you gonna wait it out for this or will you get something like an iPod Touch (which now starts at just $199) this holiday season for your portable gaming needs?

More info: PlayStation Blog

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