Verizon To Launch Family Data Plans This Summer

verizon family data leak 1

With more and more people buying smartphones that require data plans, and more and more of us teens in particular upgrading to iPhones and Androids it seemed like this would be only a matter of time: family data plans. I mean, we have it for calling and texting so why not this too?

Well, Verizon understands this and they have announced that this summer they will finally launch family data plans. In addition to hopefully lowering your monthly bill, this should be great for anyone out there looking to upgrade to an iPhone but can’t convince their parents to allow them to get data. We’re not sure exactly how this will work but we imagine it going something like this: instead of paying $30 a month for 2 GB of data for each person’s phone (which is what you have to do today), your family pays $100 a month and gets 10 GB of data for all 5 lines of your family plan to share (with things like the leaked Verizon screenshot above to help you figure out how much data you’re family needs). If you have multiple members of your family with smartphones and data plans this could be a really great way to help lower your monthly phone bill (even if it’s only by a little).

Again, all Verizon has said at this point is that this will be coming sometime this summer– so we don’t yet know how much data you’ll be getting or how much it will cost, but we’ll of course keep you updated on that as we learn more. In the meantime, let’s hope AT&T and T-Mobile add this soon too.

UPDATE: As Unclesameisen pointed out in the comments, Sprint already offers family data as part of their Everything Data Family plan (see here for more info on that).

Pic from PhoneArena

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  1. Unclesameisen

    Sprint actually already offers family data plans. They even offer unlimited data and are relatively cheap!

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