AT&T Makes Officially Unlocking Your iPhone Even Easier

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Earlier this year AT&T announced that they would begin officially unlocking customers iPhones for free, assuming they met a short list of requirements. And while this was a win for anyone looking to use their iPhone on a different network, like T-Mobile, or overseas (and a much better option than trying to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone yourself), the process wasn’t the easiest. Previously you would have to call AT&T directly, with no way to unlock the iPhone in store or online.

Well, now AT&T has made the process a bit easier, allowing any current, former or even non-customer (assuming you have the phone number of the person who previously had the iPhone) to get your iPhone officially unlocked online. All you have to do is go to AT&T’s site here and fill in all the information (the IMEI number can be found in Settings, About on your iPhone).

As we’ve said above, you also will need to meet AT&T’s pretty simple requirements to be eligible to have your phone unlocked by them: your iPhone cannot be tied to any current contract (meaning you can’t go out and buy a new iPhone with a 2 year contract and then have them unlock it the next day. Your phone has to be active for at least 60 days), and you can’t currently be owing AT&T any money (meaning you’ve paid your bills). Oh, and your iPhone can’t be one that’s been reported lost or stolen (pretty common sense).  All this information is on AT&T’s site.

Assuming you’ve met those requirements you can then submit your request online and expect AT&T to unlock the iPhone 5-7 days later (if you call directly you can have the iPhone unlocked immediately). All in all, if you’re on AT&T and looking to unlock your iPhone, this may be the best and easiest way to do it.

More info: Pocketnow, AT&T

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  1. Even if you don’t fullfil the requirements for AT&T, you can still unlock your iPhone via UnlockStreak activations for iPhone unlock software. It is a permanent unlock too just like the one from AT&T.

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