The iPhone 5 Is Coming Tomorrow– Here Are Our Guesses For What We Can Expect

iphone 5 event invite 2012

Tomorrow Apple is expected to finally take the wraps off of the next iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone 5. Ever since the iPhone 4 was announced two years ago, the rumors of what we could expect in the iPhone 5 have been crazy. And they’ve only been getting more intense.

So, what can we expect tomorrow? Here are our best guesses for what we think will be new in the iPhone 5.

Design and Screen

iphone 5 render white

One of the most common rumors surrounding the next iPhone is the design. Will it be the same as the iPhone 4/4S or something completely new? Well, for this new iPhone the rumors say it will be a mix, some familiar ideas and some new.

For the new, the next iPhone is strongly rumored to have a 4 inch screen, with an updated resolution so that is just as Retina Display as the iPhone 4/4S. At a time when most top smartphones have screens of 4-5 inches, this would definitely be a welcome upgrade from the current iPhone’s small 3.5 inch screen.

Design wise it’s more of that mix we spoke about. While it will have the same metal antenna design around the phone, as well as some glass on the back, the new iPhone is also expected to replace the all glass design of the iPhone 4/4S with a unibody metal back. This means that the next iPhone will be much thinner as well as what we think is an even nicer looking design. Oh, and the headphone jack is also said to be moved to the bottom on this new iPhone, similar to how it is on the iPod Touch.


iphone 4s camera

One thing that is consistent with iPhone upgrades is the major upgrades to the camera. From the original iPhone in 2007, to the 4S last year, each new iPhone has brought some major new upgrades to the camera. Last year brought a new 8 megapixel back camera with 1080p video recording as well as the ability to take much better pictures in low light. And while we don’t know what Apple might have planned for this new iPhone (some say there might be a 12 megapixel camera on the back), we definitely expect the already great camera to get even better.

Oh, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the front FaceTime camera becomes a FaceTime HD camera for better quality video chats.

Smaller Dock Connector

iphone 5 new cable rumor

One of the biggest rumors about the next iPhone is that it will drop the traditional 30 pin iPod connector that’s been on the iPod since 2003, and on every iPhone and iPad to date. With the new thinner unibody design, Apple is also strongly rumored to be updating the dock adapter to be much smaller and thinner, shrinking from 30 pins to 8 or 9 (basically the one you see at the bottom of the iPhone mock ups or on the white cables above).

Now don’t worry, the rumors also say you can buy an adapter for about $10 that will make your new iPhone work with all your old docks. Apple needed to do this at some point if they wanted to make a thinner iPhone/iPad, so we wouldn’t be too surprised to see it happen here.


iphone 5 render black

Next to the design this is arguably the biggest question surrounding the next iPhone: will it support the fastest, latest and greatest 4G LTE networks from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint? And while people seem to now be going back and forth on this, we would be shocked if it didn’t.

Verizon already covers 75% of the country with 4G LTE, and AT&T and Sprint have both recently announced that they will be covering most major cities over the coming months. Throw in the fact that every other major phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC One X, has LTE support– and that the 3rd gen iPad also already has AT&T and Verizon LTE support– and we can’t imagine Apple not putting LTE into the new iPhone.

Now, LTE still has its problems (for one, it’s a major battery drain), and if there is any company that can wait another year before they add LTE it’s Apple (they did it with the original iPhone by not adding 3G). But again, we would be shocked if LTE wasn’t here.

Price and Release

iphone 5 rumor case black

Like previous iPhones, we expect Apple to price the new iPhone at $200 for 16 GB, $300 for 32 GB, and $400 for 64 GB (on two year contract). Likewise we expect the iPhone 4S to drop to $100 (with some rumors saying this will now be 8 GB), and the iPhone 4 to free on contract. The three year old iPhone 3GS will finally, at long last, be retired.

In terms of release date, the latest rumors have the iPhone coming out a week from this Friday (September 19th), with pre-orders beginning on Wednesday after the announcement or this Friday. One thing that Apple is good at is launching a product shortly after they announce it (unlike other companies that announce a new phone but wait months to release it).

One More Thing….

As with all Apple events, a surprise is expected. What that surprise is though is obviously is anyone’s guess… support for NFC? Wireless Charging? Who knows, but feel free to throw in your best guesses in the comments. Personally, I’m hoping it’s something insane like what’s in that concept video above.

And of course we’ll have everything you need to know about the new iPhone covered here tomorrow, so make sure to check back.

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  1. Apple is basically unveiling a 2010 Android phone tomorrow.”

  2. the thumbprint thing seems pretty realistic

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