Apple Announces The iPhone 5—Everything You Need To Know

iphone 5 official 2

As we all expected, Apple today took the wraps off their latest and greatest iPhone, the iPhone 5. And like the iPhone 4 was a major update to all iPhones that came before it, the iPhone 5 brings the iPhone to a new level.

There’s a lot to cover here, so read on as we breakdown everything you’re gonna need to know about Apple’s latest and greatest.

Design and Screen

iphone 5 front and back

As it turns out, a lot of the stuff announced today were already pretty well covered in all the rumors over the last few months. The design rumors for one thing, were spot on.

iphone 5 thin

The iPhone 5 features an all new unibody design, with a large metal back with glass along the top and bottom. This replaces the all glass design of the iPhone 4/4S and allows the iPhone 5 to be a lot thinner. Apple says it’s 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S, which is insane considering how thin that phone is. Hopefully this unibody design and metal back will make the iPhone a bit sturdier too, or make it so that it doesn’t completely crack after one drop.

The screen also got the expected bump, from a 3.5 inch Retina Display, to an all new 4 inch, widescreen Retina Display (so there are no black bars when you watch an HD video in landscape mode). The new screen is also the same width as the older iPhones, so even with the larger screen you should still be able to easily text with one hand.


iphone 5 a6

Under the hood the iPhone 5 now packs an all new A6 processor. This will make everything on the iPhone from multitasking to gaming run even faster and better.

The A6 is also more power efficient, which is great because as we suspected Apple also added one very power hungry feature to the new iPhone: 4G LTE.


iphone 5 lte

Yes, the new iPhone will have 4G LTE support for all of the big three US carriers: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. This is huge. You’re iPhone will now have the power of your home internet wherever you go.

And sorry, T-Mobile fans, you guys still don’t get any iPhone, LTE or otherwise.


iphone 5 isight camera white

The iPhone 5 keeps the same great 8 megapixel back camera that was on the iPhone 4S. New on the iPhone 5’s camera are video stabilization (so your videos come out less shaky), the ability to shoot 28 megapixel panorama shots, 10 person face detection, a back mic for better audio during your videos, as well as the ability to take pictures while your shooting video (something already seen on phones like the Galaxy S III and HTC One X).

And as we expected, there is also now a FaceTime HD camera on the front for HD video chat.


iphone 5 lightning connector

Apple also changed dock connector on the bottom of the iPhone 5 from the old iPod 30 pin dock connector to a much smaller 8 pin Lightning connector. In addition to being much smaller, this new plug promises to be much faster and adds the benefit of having no wrong way to plug it in (similar to how there is no wrong way to plug in the cable to charge a MacBook).

There will also be an adapter to connect your new iPhone to all the older docks, though we recommend not buying the one from Apple which costs an absurd $30 (we’re sure there will be just as good adapters available pretty soon for much, much less).

Battery Life

What is probably the most amazing thing about the new iPhone today is that even with the faster processor, thinner design and 4G LTE, the iPhone 5 actually has better battery life than the iPhone 4S. Apple rates the talk time at 8 hours on 3G (up from 6 hours on the 4S) and browsing time as 8 hours on 4G LTE (up from 6 hours on 3G). It’s not as good as Motorola’s new Droid RAZR Maxx HD, and we obviously will need to see and test this for ourselves, but more power and a better battery? Sounds good to us.

Price and Release

iphone line 2012

Also as expected, the iPhone 5 will be available in either black or white next Friday, September 21st, starting at $200 for 16 GB, $300 for 32 GB, and $400 for 64 GB (with a new 2 year contract). You can pre-order the new iPhone starting this Friday, September 14th. The iPhone 4S 16 GB now drops down to $100, while the 8 GB iPhone 4 drops to free (both with a new 2 year contract) to replace the three years old 3GS.

Wrap Up

iphone 5 official white

The iPhone 5 also runs iOS 6 with all its improvements like Apple’s new Maps app, updated Siri and the new Passbook app (for digitally storing things like gift cards, movie tickets or boarding passes on your iPhone). We’ll have more on iOS 6 soon (it comes out for other iDevices next Wednesday as a free update).

But there you have it, all the info you need to know about Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone.

Personally, I plan on pre-ordering this bad boy on Friday. I’ve been pretty happy with my iPhone 4 and adding a bigger screen, better battery and 4G LTE are just icing on the cake. But we want to know what you think– is this gonna be your next phone? Were you hoping for more? Sound off in the comments.

More info: Apple

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