iPhone 5 Now Available For Online Pre-Orders

iphone 5 pre order

Sold on the iPhone 5 and want to make sure you have one the first day they’re available? Well, as promised, you can now pre-order the iPhone 5 online with an expected delivery date of next Friday, September 21st (or the day when you can actually buy the iPhone 5 in stores).

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and the online Apple Store are all currently accepting pre-orders, while Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart will be taking pre-orders in stores once they open later today. The online sites for Sprint and AT&T were having problems earlier today dealing with the large number of pre-orders (though they both look to be holding up now), so if you really want to make sure you get the iPhone 5 right when it’s available we recommend you order soon.

Also be careful– if you upgrade on Verizon to get the iPhone 5 at the cheaper 2 year contract price (the one that starts at $199 for 16 GB) you will lose your older unlimited data plan, and be forced to switch to one of their new family data plans. If you want to keep your unlimited data plan you’re going to have to buy the iPhone 5 out of contract (which starts at a much more expensive $650 for 16 GB and goes up $850 for 64 GB). Unlimited users on AT&T should also be careful of this, though we were able to upgrade online (through the online Apple Store) to the iPhone 5 at the cheaper 2 year contract price and still keep our unlimited data.

So, who’s upgrading?

UPDATE: It now looks like the ship date on the online Apple Store has been moved to 2 weeks. Sprint, AT&T and Verizon all still show a delivery date of the 21st, so you if you want it then you should pre-order soon (or go into a store– like Best Buy, Walmart, Radio Shack etc.– when they open and pre-order there).

UPDATE 2:  Well as of 1:30 PM, it looks Sprint is the only one still showing a delivery date of September 21st when you pre-order. AT&T pre-orders will now come between “14-21 business days” while Verizon is promising delivery by September 26th. If you really want the iPhone 5 on day one and haven’t yet pre-ordered you may now just want to get up early and wait on line.

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