Is Apple Planning To Launch An iPad Mini This Month?

ipad mini mockup

Just because the iPhone 5 was released only a few weeks ago doesn’t mean Apple’s done with big announcements for the year. The Apple rumors of late have been going crazy with talk that Apple will have yet another big announcement this month– an all new, smaller “iPad Mini.”

The iPad Mini is rumored to be just that, a smaller version of the iPad. Specs on the Mini are said to include a 7.85 inch screen (down from 9.7 inches on the regular iPad), a thin design with the same aluminum back as the iPhone 5, the new Lightning port in place of the older iPod dock connector, as well as other standard iPad features like cameras on the front and back for FaceTime, iOS 6, and the availability to buy it in either WiFi only or WiFi+4G LTE versions.

ipad mini rumor back

Now while the rumors haven’t said much on what else is different between the iPad and this iPad Mini beyond the screen, they have said one other thing– it will be much cheaper, with a starting price possibly as low as $300 (or $200 cheaper than $500 start price of the current iPad).

Apple is rumored to be sending out invites for this event on October 10th (next Wednesday), so hopefully we’ll know more about this soon. Stay tuned.

Pics from MacRumors and UkrainianiPhone

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